Code Course Description
ENGR 1100

Engineering and Technology in Society

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the practice of engineering, surveying its history and its current state. The social and political aspects of engineering decisions will be illustrated by a number of case studies.

ENGR 1110

Engineering Graphics & Design

This course is an introduction to the engineering profession, the engineering design process and the use of graphical methods in engineering design. Through individual exercises and small projects undertaken in groups, students will gain experience with the engineering design process and technical drawings, as well as develop teamwork and presentation skills. Topics include: the engineering profession and disciplines, the engineering design process, engineering graphics, prototyping, technical communication methods, and sustainability.

ENGR 1180

Introduction to Engineering Analysis

An introduction to MATLAB and its use in engineering. The course introduces basic features of MATLAB programming. MATLAB is used to implement and analyze various algorithms used in data analysis within the context of engineering disciplines such as signal and image processing, robotics and communications engineering.

ENGR 1190

Introduction to Engineering Design

As part of a complete first-year engineering program this course will cover introductory principles of engineering design concepts through practical projects to be undertaken by teams of students. The projects and exercises will give students experience with the entire design process, from needs-assessment to final testing and documentation. The final project will involve design, construction and programming of a computer controlled machine such as an autonomous robot to perform an assigned task.

ENGR 2100

Prototype and Practical Skills 1: Mechanical Fabrication

This project course will introduce students to mechanical fabrication. Students will design, build, and prototype mechanical devices.

ENGR 2200

Prototype and Practical Skills 2: Electronics Design

This project course will introduce students to electronics circuits. Students will design and prototype circuits that incorporate sensors, electromechanical actuators, and embedded computers.

ENGR 2999

Applied Engineering Project: Field Prototype Development

This course enables students to acquire practical experience. Working in groups, students will take on projects where they define, design, develop, and implement a prototype electronic, or mechanical, or electro-mechanical device or system. Student groups, in consultation with a faculty adviser, will select an appropriate project. Project topics may vary from in-depth research to systems analysis and design development proposals. Students will learn more about technical documentation. Project management fundamentals will also be covered.