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COBA 4885

Experiential Learning & Internship

This course provides students with the opportunity to apply their classroom learning as an intern in an actual business environment. The Experiential Learning & Internship course involves ongoing consultation between the student, the instructor, and the employment supervisor. Students interested in taking this course should visit this website: https://mycareer.douglascollege.ca/home.htm. It has the most up-to-date information on the steps for getting into this course and for the timelines (NOTE: It can take more than one semester before the student can enroll in the course. Thus, connecting with the Career Centre as soon as possible is very important.)

As an intern, the student is assigned tasks and challenges appropriate to a junior employee in a studies-relevant role. The experience provides an opportunity to apply theory and knowledge in a relevant work situation, and it enables the student to integrate their knowledge with actual practice as it applies in the hosting firm. The internship experience is designed to provide the student with practical experience in solving real-world problems. This course is intended for students in selected Commerce and Business Administration programs.