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Commerce & Business Administration
Office Administration
Course Code
OADM 1106
Semester Length
10 Weeks X 3 Hours per Week = 30 Hours
Max Class Size
Method(s) Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
This course is designed to give the learner the ability to keyboard accurately and proficiently, proofread quickly and accurately, and key at a speed of 25 net words per minute on a three-minute timing.. The learner may need to practise for more than 30 hours in order to reach these goals.
Course Content
  1. Use correct technique to operate the alpha-numeric keyboard.
  2. Apply ergonomic principles to achieve optimum effectiveness.
  3. Use computer hardware and software components to key, format, print and email keyboarding reports.
  4. Produce 3-minute timings to a minimum of 25 net words per minutes on straight-text copy.
  5. Proofread accurately
Learning Activities

Online delivery.  Communications between instructor and students will be conducted online using the course email, bulletin board and chat utilities. The instructor will guide students through a series of keyboarding lessons through motivation and online instruction. 

Means of Assessment


Demonstrate a minimum keyboarding speed of 25 net words a minute based on the best of three

3-minute timed writings achieved with three or fewer errors.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the learner will have demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Keyboard accurately and proficiently by touch at a minimum rate of 25 net words per minute on three-minute timings.
  2. Proofread accurately
  3. Apply basic ergonomic principles
  4. Build keyboard speed and accuracy
  5. Manage time effectively
  6. Work independently and follow written directions
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students


College Keyboarding, Vanhuss et al, 14th Canadian Edition, ISBN 0176056572

 Software: Keyboarding Pro, ISBN 0176073981 (Combined package ISBN : 0176219862)

 Computer: PC with Internet capabilities; Windows 95 or later version.




No corequisite courses.


No equivalent courses.

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Course Offerings

Fall 2023