Curriculum Guideline

Class Voice II

Effective Date:
Course Code
MUSC 1266
Class Voice II
Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Start Date
End Term
Not Specified
Semester Length
15 weeks
Max Class Size
Contact Hours
Classroom related: 1.5 hours per week Simulation environment: 1.5 hours per week
Methods Of Instruction

Classes will include lectures and demonstrations by the instructor in a group setting.  Students will receive some individual direction from the instructor. Each student will prepare and sing a prescribed number of solo songs to be presented in the classroom environment and will receive feedback from the instructor and the group. 

Course Description
This course is a continuation of Class Voice I. Students will continue to develop their understanding and application of vocal technique and musicianship through singing.
Course Content

This course will continue to develop concepts and components of beginning singing, including anatomy, terminology and physical function, with specific reference to: 

  • application of breath management
  • developing tone
  • diction, language, phrasing
  • introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • coordination of vocal technique with expressive performance
  • moving towards artistry (examination of components of performance leading to easy and instant communication: stage presence, technical accuracy, control of emotional content)
Learning Outcomes

This course is a continuation of Class Voice I, with greater emphasis placed on the application of techniques learned in the previous semester.  On successful completion of this course, students should have a greater understanding of the concepts and components of beginning singing, basic vocal anatomy and terminology.  Through singing performance, they should be able to demonstrate competence in interpretation, musicianship and healthy vocal technique.  Students will gain confidence in the use of their voices.

Means of Assessment
In-class performance (2) 40%
Written assignment 20%
Self evaluation 10%
Written final exam 30%


Textbook Materials

A list of recommended textbooks and materials is provided on the Instructor’s Course Outline, which is available to students at the beginning of each semester.


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