Directed Studies in Humanities

Humanities & Social Sciences
Course Code
HUMS 3399
Semester Length
Max Class Size
N/A; independent study
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
Directed Studies in Humanities provides students with an opportunity to pursue a specific research interest. The research may involve conducting: (a) a review and analysis of published research and theoretical articles, or (b) original research within a Humanities discipline. Directed studies projects are supervised and evaluated by a faculty member. Students must submit an application for approval of their directed studies project to the appropriate Department Chair.
Course Content

The course content will be identified in a student’s application for approval and will include a preliminary list of readings/articles.  The scope and content of the project must be approved by the faculty supervisor and Department Chair, and, if necessary the Research Ethics Board.

Methods Of Instruction

Independent study, with supervision provided weekly throughout the semester. 

Means of Assessment

Evaluation will be carried out in accordance with Douglas College policy.  Evaluation will be based on the course objectives. 

The following is a sample evaluation scheme:


Literature review  40%
Research proposal       20%
Research paper  40%
Total 100%
Learning Outcomes
  1. To complete an in depth investigative of a topic in Humanities.
  2. To complete a comprehensive review of published research or to conduct original research on a topic of interest.
  3. To analyze and evaluate the support for a given perspective, model, theory, or phenomenon. 
  4. To identify limitations of past investigations into the topic of interest.
  5. To identify future directions of investigation to address limitations in the research. 
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students:


Students will be responsible for identifying the relevant academic publications.  The faculty supervisor must approve a preliminary list of readings/articles. 



60 credit hours


No corequisite courses.


No equivalent courses.

Course Guidelines

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Course Transfers

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Institution Transfer Details for HUMS 3399
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) KPU ARTS 3XXX (3)
Simon Fraser University (SFU) SFU HUM 3XX (3)
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) TRU HUMN 3XXX (3)
Trinity Western University (TWU) TWU HUMA 3XX (3)
University of British Columbia - Vancouver (UBCV) UBCV PHIL 3rd (3)
University of Northern BC (UNBC) UNBC HUMN 3XX (3)
University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) UFV GE 3XX (3)
University of Victoria (UVIC) UVIC HUMA 3XX (1.5)

Course Offerings

Summer 2022

There aren't any scheduled upcoming offerings for this course.