Important Notice

This course is not active. Please contact Department Chair for more information.

Important Notice

This course has been discontinued. Please contact Department Chair for more information.

Concepts for Mental Health Practice I

Health Sciences
Health Care Support Work
Course Code
HCSW 1165
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To be determined


Course Description
This course will include the required components to prepare students for admission into the Community Mental Health Worker component of the program. It will provide students with the basic theoretical concepts related to changes in mental functioning, common physiological disorders seen in the mental health population, basic communication skills, and basic job search skills. It will also include a lab practice component that will provide opportunities to acquire and apply personal care-giving skills in an organized and safe manner.
Course Content
  1. Human Needs and Human Growth and Development
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
    • Erickson’s theory of growth and development
    • Caring
  2. Changes in mental functioning
    • Irreversible changes in mental functioning
    • Reversible changes in mental functioning
    • Common disease processes contributing to changes in mental functioning
    • Persons with multiple disabilities
  3. Responses in individuals experiencing changes in mental functioning
    • Individuality and diversity
    • Stress and illness
    • Environmental effects on behaviour
  4. Problem-Solving and Safe Practice
    • Promotion of dignity, self-worth, and integrity
    • Effective strategies and approaches to care
    • Non-threatening environment
    • Safety, comfort, and security
    • Non-violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) & crisis management
    • Critical thinking skills
  5. Basic Personal Care Skills
    • Safety of practice in relation to care-giving based on the following principles:
      • body mechanics
      • medical asepsis
      • safety
      • dignity, respect, and comfort
      • responsibility and accountability
      • promotion of independence
    • Basic organization
  6. Infectious diseases
  7. Basic communication theory and skills
    • Types of communication
    • Barriers to communication
    • Communication techniques
    • Self-awareness
  8. Concepts of Physiological disorders commonly seen in the mental health population
    • Diabetes
    • Coronary Artery Disease
    • CVA-Stroke
  9. Job Search Process
    • Prepare a clear, attractive resume and letter of application
    • Effectively prepare for a job interview
Methods Of Instruction
  • Classroom lecture
  • Group work
  • Guest speakers
  • Audio-visual materials
  • On-line resources
  • Lab Practice
  • May include community service learning and/or participation in community based research projects when available.
Means of Assessment

Course evaluation is consistent with Douglas College course evaluation policy. An evaluation schedule is presented at the beginning of the course.

This is a graded course. A minimum mark of 65% is necessary to be successful in the course.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate a basic understanding and knowledge of human needs, human growth and development, and common physiological disorders, i.e. Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, and CVA - Stroke.
  2. Describe the relationship between observable behaviours of the individual and changes in mental functioning.
  3. Assess the effects of aging, loss, stress, and illness in relation to the care of individuals experiencing changes in mental functioning.
  4. Utilize a problem-solving approach to plan and implement care that is based on the principles of safe practice to maintain independence, dignity, and worth of the individual.
  5. Demonstrate safe practice in relation to basic personal care skills and perform caregiving skills in an organized manner.
  6. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the infectious disease process and physiological disorders.
  7. Demonstrate basic communication skills when working with clients.
  8. Confidently conduct a job search process.
Textbook Materials

Textbooks and Materials to be Purchased by Students

A list of reading materials is provided to the students at the beginning of the semester.


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