4-Week English and Culture Immersion Program

Language, Literature & Performing Arts
English Language Learning and Acquisition
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ELLA 0107
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To be determined
New Westminster


Course Description
This full-time integrated skills program is designed to provide cohorts or groups of sponsored English language learners with a total immersion environment in which to develop communicative competence in English. Learners will use only the target language. Program activities include formal classroom instruction, informal workshops, sports, field trips, and socio-cultural activities where learners can apply language skills in a natural communicative setting. Complexity of language and tasks will vary depending on the needs and language level of the learners.
Course Content

The course content reflects the communicative approach to language learning within an immersion context. Content and skill development tasks will be based on themes and topics of interest to the learners and will relate to homestay, Douglas College, and Greater Vancouver. Instruction will also focus on use of language functions in the classroom, in homestay, and in the larger community.

Methods Of Instruction

The instructor will use a variety of methods (whole, small group, individual, and learner directed learning). Faculty will be responsible for classroom-based instruction. Additional activities will be facilitated by monitors and staff.

Means of Assessment

Student achievement will be assessed using the mastery system in accordance with College policy. The following is one example of assessment components and weighting:

15% Class participation
15% Field trip/workshop participation
25% Reading and writing assignments
30% Speaking and listening assignments
15% Quizzes and exams

Learning Outcomes

Within relevant educational, personal, and social contexts, learners will improve their communicative competence in English. By the end of the course, learners will have:

  • demonstrated increased confidence using English in a variety of situations;
  • demonstrated improved comprehension of spoken and written English;
  • demonstrated improved accuracy and fluency in spoken and written English;
  • augmented vocabulary-acquisition skills;
  • gained an appreciation of the richness and complexity of Canadian culture;
  • demonstrated sensitivity in cross-cultural encounters.
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Winter 2021

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