Upper Introductory English Language Immersion

Language, Literature & Performing Arts
English Language Learning and Acquisition
Course Code
ELLA 0102
Semester Length
5 weeks
Max Class Size
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
This is the second level in a six-level English Language Immersion Program. This full-time program is designed to provide English language learners with a total immersion environment in which to develop communicative competence in English. Students will use only the target language. Program activities include formal classroom instruction, informal workshops, sports, field trips, and socio-cultural activities where students can apply their language skills in a natural communicative setting.
Course Content

The course content reflects the communicative approach to language learning within an immersion context.  Complexity of language and tasks will vary depending on the needs and level of language acquisition of the learners.  The content is based on themes and topics of interest to the learners.  Themes include orientation to homestay,  Douglas College, and the Lower Mainland.  Instruction will focus on use of language functions (for example, identifying, clarifying and requesting) in the classroom, in homestay, and in the larger community.

Methods Of Instruction

Instructors will use a variety of methods (whole and small group instruction, individual instruction, and student directed learning).  The instructor will facilitate, observe and evaluate student learning in the following contexts:

Classroom 16
Workshop 4
Sports 2
Field trips 3
Socio-cultural activity 2

Faculty are responsible for 16 hours of classroom-based instruction.  All other activities take place under the direction of monitors or staff.

Means of Assessment

A mastery model of on-going evaluation will be used.  A student will reach mastery when she/he has demonstrated through satisfactory completion of assignments and participation in learning events that the course objectives have been achieved.  Progress will be monitored on a regular basis by the instructor in consultation with each student.  The student will be expected to attend regularly and participate in all assigned activities.

Learning Outcomes

Within relevant educational, personal, and social contexts, students will improve their communicative competence.  They will demonstrate mastery of objectives required for the previous level, as well as the ability to use language to:

  1. Initiate and respond to discussion of familiar topics effectively;
  2. Use language of restatement and clarification to enhance communication;
  3. Use appropriate vocabulary with a set of familiar topics and language-based tasks.
Textbook Materials

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Summer 2021

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