Operating System & Multimedia CyberSecurity

Commerce & Business Administration
Computing Studies & Information Systems
Course Code
CSIS 4450
Semester Length
15 Weeks
Max Class Size
Method Of Instruction
Typically Offered
To be determined


Course Description
This course focuses on host-based security and will provide students with in-depth, hands-on experience in operating system hardening, including user account management, host intrusion detection, SEIM/SOAR configuration, implementation and customization, filesystem encryption, and jailing. Besides host hardening, students will gain practical hands-on experience in implementing patch management and host-based security policies.
Course Content
  1. General Information Security Principles
  2. Secure System Boot Services
  3. Local and remote account administration including remote access services such as SSH and WinRM
  4. Operating system privilege escalation and privilege presentation tools (UAC and Sudo)
  5. Automating Systems Setup and configuration of operating systems
  6. Traditional memory attacks (Stack smashing)
  7. Host-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention (ex. OSSEC, AIDE)
  8. SEIM/SOAR systems
  9. Linux Kernel Messages and Kernel Security modules (ex. SeLinux, AppArmor)
  10. Windows and *nix account administration
  11. Windows and *nix local firewall administration
  12. Operating system logging facilities for Windows and *nix
  13. Local System Service hardening
  14. Web Server hardening
Methods Of Instruction

The methods of instruction for this course will include lectures, seminars, demonstrations, and hands-on assignments/projects.

Means of Assessment

 Assessment will be in accordance with the Douglas College Evaluation Policy.


10% - 15% 

Midterm Exam *

30% – 35% 

Final Exam *

30% – 40% 

Research Project 

15% - 20%



* Practical hands-on computer exam

In order to pass the course, students must, in addition to receiving an overall course grade of 50%, also achieve a grade of at least 50% on the combined weighted examination components (including quizzes, tests, exams).

Students may conduct research as part of their coursework in this class. Instructors for the course are responsible for ensuring that student research projects comply with College policies on ethical conduct for research involving humans, which can require obtaining Informed Consent from participants and getting the approval of the Douglas College Research Ethics Board prior to conducting the research.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the successful student will be able to: 

  1. Implement and utilize the windows and Linux operating systems effectively.
  2. Demonstrate the process of operating system hardening.
  3. Configure operating systems on heterogeneous operating systems securely.
  4. Setup and automate patch management for computing devices.
  5. Setup and implementation, monitoring of System Logging using Syslog and SEIM systems.
  6. Implement and monitor Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.
  7. Manage Windows and Unix Endpoint Protection.
  8. Implement local file and file system encryption.
  9. Implement a host-based operating system kernel and jailing technologies.
  10. Analyze and apply security policies for data at rest and data in processing.
  11. Evaluate and administer host-based firewalls.
Textbook Materials

Course Materials to be provided by the instructor and/or approved textbooks from the department.



A grade of C or better in CSIS 3160 , CSIS 2300, AND CSIS 3560


No corequisite courses.


No equivalent courses.

Course Guidelines

Course Guidelines for previous years are viewable by selecting the version desired. If you took this course and do not see a listing for the starting semester / year of the course, consider the previous version as the applicable version.

Course Transfers

Institution Transfer Details Effective Dates
Alexander College (ALEX) ALEX CPSC 2XX (3) 2021/09/01 to -
Athabasca University (AU) AU COMP 3XX (3) 2021/09/01 to -
College of New Caledonia (CNC) CNC CSC 2XX (3) 2021/09/01 to -
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) No credit 2021/09/01 to -
Simon Fraser University (SFU) SFU CMPT 4XX (3) 2021/09/01 to -
Thompson Rivers University (TRU) TRU COMP 3XXX (3) 2021/09/01 to -
University Canada West (UCW) UCW CPSC 4XX (3) 2021/09/01 to -
University of Northern BC (UNBC) UNBC CPSC 499 (3) 2021/09/01 to -

Course Offerings

Fall 2021

There aren't any scheduled upcoming offerings for this course.