Advanced Production Planning I

Language, Literature & Performing Arts
Bachelor of Performing Arts
Course Code
BPAC 4002
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To be determined


Course Description
This course will broaden the areas of expertise for Bachelor of Performing Arts students by offering instruction in several advanced production planning skills specialties. The skills will vary from year to year depending on the needs of the cohort and may be selected from the following topics: Marketing and Social Media; Cue-based software systems; Projection Design; Composition and Sound Design; Technical Skills (Lighting and Scenic Painting); Visual Design Themes (Costumes, Make-up, Masks); Stage Management and Rehearsal and Performance Procedures.
Course Content

Week 1-4: Module 1

Week 5-8: Module 2

Week 9-12: Module 3

Week 13-15: Module 4


1. Demonstration during class work is mentored by the instructor and accounts for the major portion of the student-instructor contact time. This consists of students working on individual or group assignments in the studio.

2. Demonstration of skill level improvement and the quality of the work of the student in the area of specialty will be assessed.

3. Each student will complete and present a project or projects in the specialty area.

4. Professional behaviour: Students will be evaluated twice per term to allow for improvement in this area. Students will receive verbal and written feedback on individual progress.

Methods Of Instruction

Some of all of the following methods will be used:

  • Lecture
  • Class discussions
  • Oral presentations
  • Group projects
Means of Assessment


Students will be assessed at the end of each module as follows:

1. Demonstration and class work in the area of specialty = 5%

2. Individual skill improvment in the area of specialty = 5%

3. Project work in the area of specialty =10%

4. Professional behaviour = 5%

Total for module = 25%



Module 1, 2, 3, 4 = 25% each

TOTAL = 100%

Learning Outcomes

This course is divided into three modules of 4 weeks each and one module of 3 weeks. Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to

- understand the practical application of the skill;

- maintain a professional outlook during learning;

- comprehend and exhibit the ethical and global application of the skill.

Textbook Materials

Course material to be supplied by instructor. Students may need to purchase coursepacks.








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Fall 2021

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