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Contact us - Douglas College


Main Switchboard:
Phone: 604 527 5400
TTY/TDD: 604 527 5450

NW: 604 527 5405
COQ: 604 777 6255
Emergency only:
2400 (on campus only)

Legal Documents fax: 604 527 5311

Faculty directory

Website feedback

Mailing address:
Douglas College
PO Box 2503
New Westminster, BC
V3L 5B2

Campus Information

Campus locations:
New Westminster Campus
700 Royal Avenue 
New Westminster, BC
V3M 5Z5
Area map

Coquitlam Campus
1250 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC
V3B 7X3
Area map

Business Development

604 527 5877


Office of the Registrar: 
Applications, admissions, registrations and records information
604 527 5478
Hours of operation

Academic Advising

Service schedules

Continuing Education

604 527 5472

Tuition and fees

Cashier's Office:
Payments, refunds, fee deferrals, parking passes, and T2202As
Phone: 604 527 5346
Fax: 604 527 5900

Financial Aid:
Phone: 604 527 5487

Media Contact

Regan Lal, Communications Manager
Office: 4702
Phone: 604 527 5790
Cell: 778 968 7022


Frequently called numbers

NW: 604 527 5568
COQ: 604 777 6130

Assessment Services:
604 527 5478

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Services:
604 527 5556

Room bookings:
New Westminster: 604 527 5613 or 604 527 5362
Coquitlam: 604 777 6262 or 604 777 6170

Douglas Students' Union:
NW: 604 527 5110
COQ: 604 777 6257
Fax: 604 527 5364
Email: nwcoordinator@dsu18.ca
Website: www.thedsu.ca

Student Services

604 527 5486

Co-operative Education:
604 527 5100
Email: co-op@douglascollege.ca
Website: douglascollege.ca/programs-courses/cooperative-education

NW: 604 527 5486
COQ: 604 777 6185

Centre for Students with Disabilities:
NW: 604 527 5486
COQ: 604 777 6185
TTY NW: 604 527 5450
TTY COQ: 604 777 6179

Career Centre
604 527 5889
NW Room S2844
COQ Room A1430
Email: careercentre@douglascollege.ca
Website: douglascollege.ca/cc

Women's Centre:
NW: 604 527 5148
COQ: 604 777 6194

Program contacts

Child, Family & Community Studies Programs

Dean: Karla Gronsdahl ac.egellocsalguod@klhadsnorg
Associate Dean: Elizabeth Barbeau ac.egellocsalguod@euaebrab

Aboriginal Stream Child, Family and Community Studies

Gagan BassiProgram Advisor604 527 5821ac.egellocsalguod@maertsbaProgram

Vocational Education and Skills Training

Wendy ParryNew Westminster Coordinator604 527 5620ac.egellocsalguod@wyrrapProgram

Vocational Education and Skills Training

Irina TzonevaCoquitlam Coordinator604 777 6110ac.egellocsalguod@iavenoztProgram

Behaviour Intervention

Kari MacDougallProgram Advisor604 527 5612ac.egellocsalguod@scadProgram

Continuing Education - CFCS

Gagan BassiProgram Assistant II604 527 5479ac.egellocsalguod@ecscfcProgram

Child and Youth Care – Bachelor of Arts

Jen TasseProgram Advisor604 527 5677ac.egellocsalguod@cycProgram

Classroom & Community Support

Kari MacDougallProgram Advisor604 527 5612ac.egellocsalguod@scadProgram

Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis

Kari MacDougallProgram Advisor604 527 5612ac.egellocsalguod@scadProgram

Early Childhood Education

Meghan WilliamsProgram Advisor604 527 5163ac.egellocsalguod@eceProgram

Employment Supports Specialty

Kari MacDougallProgram Advisor604 527 5612ac.egellocsalguod@scadProgram

Sign Language Interpretation

Adrian Desmaraisac.egellocsalguod@rtniProgram

Bachelor of Social Work

Meagan HarrisProgram Advisor604 527 5136ac.egellocsalguod@kwosbProgram

Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation

Jordan DowleProgram Advisor604 777 6318ac.egellocsalguod@rtProgram

Youth Justice

Gagan BassiProgram Advisor604 527 5821ac.egellocsalguod@jyProgram

Commerce & Business Administration Programs

Dean: George Stroppa ac.egellocsalguod@gapports
Associate Dean: Laura Matheson ac.egellocsalguod@lnosehtam


Arsineh GarabedianDepartment Chair604 527 5886ac.egellocsalguod@ofnissenisubProgram

Bachelor of Business Administration - Accounting

George FisherProgram Coordinator604 527 5173ac.egellocsalguod@ofnissenisubProgram

Bachelor of Business Administration - Financial Services

Morna FraserProgram Coordinator604 527 5059ac.egellocsalguod@ofnissenisubProgram

Business Management/Finance

Brian SuggDepartment Chair604 777 6397ac.egellocsalguod@ofnissenisubProgram

Commerce & Business Administration University Transfer

Kevin RichterProgram Coordinator604 527 5064ac.egellocsalguod@krethcir

Computing Studies & Information Systems

Simon LiDepartment Chair604 777 6065ac.egellocsalguod@silProgram


Kevin RichterDepartment Chair604 527 5064ac.egellocsalguod@krethcirProgram

Hospitality Management

Mark ElliottDepartment Chair604 777 6209ac.egellocsalguod@mttoilleProgram


Lorne PattersonDepartment Chair604 527 5066ac.egellocsalguod@lnosrettapProgram

Office Administration

Claudia JamiesonProgram Coordinator604 527 5445ac.egellocsalguod@cnoseimajProgram

Office Administration - Administrative Assistant

Alicia MillerDepartment Chair604 527 5887ac.egellocsalguod@1arellimProgram

Office Administration - Legal Administrative Assistant

Titus YipDepartment Chair604 527 5435ac.egellocsalguod@tpiy

Office Administration - Medical Office Assistant

Claudia JamiesonDepartment Chair604 527 5445ac.egellocsalguod@cnoseimaj

Health Sciences Programs

Dean: Pam Cawley ac.egellocsalguod@pyelwac
Associate Dean: Lori Townsend ac.egellocsalguod@ldnesnwot

Academic Foundations for Potential Nursing Applicants

Elizabeth McCauslandFaculty Liaison604 527 5622ac.egellocsalguod@droocfacProgram

Academic Foundations for Potential Psychiatric Nursing Applicants

Elizabeth McCauslandFaculty Liaison604 527 5622ac.egellocsalguod@droocfacProgram

CE - Prenatal

Barb KornasProgram Assistant604 777 6530ac.egellocsalguod@bsanrokProgram

CE - Perinatal

Tamara MilicevicProgram Assistant604 777 6531ac.egellocsalguod@tcilekuvcivecilimProgram

CE - Perinatal

Darelle WalkerProgram Assistant604 777 6531ac.egellocsalguod@dreklawProgram

CE - Health

Marie TullochProgram Assistant604 777 6527ac.egellocsalguod@shecProgram

Dental Assisting Certificate

Lynnette CramenProgram Coordinator604 527 5091ac.egellocsalguod@lnemarcProgram

Community Mental Health Worker

Michelle BaloghFaculty Support and Services Assistant604 777 6407ac.egellocsalguod@mhgolabProgram

Health Care Assistant

Michelle BaloghFaculty Support and Services Assistant604 777 6407ac.egellocsalguod@mhgolabProgram

Nursing - Bachelor of Science

Maureen ClarkeProgram Support and Services Specialist604 777 6403ac.egellocsalguod@mekralcProgram

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health Information Management

Michelle BaloughProgram Assistant604 777 6407ac.egellocsalguod@mhgolabProgram

Nursing - Psychiatric

Fran BarlowProgram Support and Services Specialist604 777 6405ac.egellocsalguod@fwolrabProgram

Humanities & Social Sciences Programs

Dean: John Fleming ac.egellocsalguod@jgnimelf
Associate Dean: Shaun Tyakoff ac.egellocsalguod@sffokayt

Academic Foundations

Elizabeth McCauslandFaculty Liaison604 527 5622ac.egellocsalguod@droocfacProgram


Laurie BeckwithChair604 527 5561ac.egellocsalguod@lhtiwkcebProgram

Asian Studies

Robin WylieInstructor604 527 5208ac.egellocsalguod@reilywProgram

Associate of Arts for Future Professional Pilots

Melanie YoungCoordinator604 527 5156ac.egellocsalguod@droocaaProgram

BA Applied Psychology

Laura DaneInstructor604 527 5810ac.egellocsalguod@lenadProgram

BA Applied Psychology - Honours

Laura DaneInstructor604 527 5810ac.egellocsalguod@lenadProgram

BA Psychology Service Learning Program

Raquel ChapdelaineCoordinator604 527 5865 (NW) or 604 777 6350 (Coquitlam)ac.egellocsalguod@renialedpahc

Criminology Diploma

Scott BrodieCoordinator604 527 5301ac.egellocsalguod@rotanidroocmircProgram


Carla HotelChair604 527 5313ac.egellocsalguod@cletohProgram

BA Criminology

Andrew ReidInstructor604 527 5964ac.egellocsalguod@3adierProgram

Environmental Studies

Melanie YoungCoordinator604 527 5156ac.egellocsalguod@droocaaProgram

Future Teachers

Melanie YoungCoordinator604 527 5156ac.egellocsalguod@droocaaProgram

Geography and the Environment

Sarah PaynterChair604 527 5781ac.egellocsalguod@sretnyapProgram


Sally MennillChair604 527 5866ac.egellocsalguod@sllinnemProgram

Legal Studies

Graeme BowbrickProgram Development Leader604 527 5647ac.egellocsalguod@gkcirbwobProgram


Darcy CutlerChair604 527 5170ac.egellocsalguod@dreltucProgram

Political Science

Jeanette AsheChair604 527 5393ac.egellocsalguod@jehsaProgram


Nicole VittozChair604 527 5336ac.egellocsalguod@nzottivProgram

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Regina CaseyCoordinator604 527 5314 ac.egellocsalguod@ryesacProgram


Laurie BeckwithChair604 527 5561ac.egellocsalguod@lhtiwkcebProgram

TRU-OL/Douglas College BA Psychology

Don MeenInstructor604 527 5307ac.egellocsalguod@dneemProgram

Language, Literature & Performing Arts Programs

Dean: Manuela Costantino ac.egellocsalguod@monitnatsoc
Associate Dean: Heather Harty-Scott ac.egellocsalguod@httocsytrah

Bachelor of Performing Arts

Scott MalcolmSpecial Appointee604 527 5503malcolmk1@douglascollege.caProgram

Professional Communication

Maureen NicholsonCoordinator604 527 5292ac.egellocsalguod@mnoslohcinProgram

CE – Community Music School

Meg StainsbyCoordinator, Community Music School604 527 5284ac.egellocsalguod@mybsniatsProgram


Maureen NicholsonChair604 527 5292ac.egellocsalguod@mnoslohcinProgram

Creative Writing

Elizabeth Bachinsky Chair604 527 5294ac.egellocsalguod@eyksnihcabProgram


Dorrita FongChair604 527 5287ac.egellocsalguod@dgnofProgram

English Language Learning and Acquisition

Karen ReppinCoordinator604 527 5408ac.egellocsalguod@knipperProgram

English Upgrading

Melanie YoungCoordinator, English Upgrading604 527 5156ac.egellocsalguod@emgnuoyProgram

Intercultural and International Studies

Melanie YoungCoordinator604 527 5156ac.egellocsalguod@droocaaProgram

Modern Languages

Fanny BoulesteixChair 604 527 5211ac.egellocsalguod@fxietseluobProgram


John van DeursenCoordinator604 527 5274ac.egellocsalguod@jnesruednavProgram

Music Technology

Blair FisherCoordinator604 527 5272ac.egellocsalguod@brehsifProgram

Performing & Fine Arts

Christine DewarCoordinator, Performing and Fine Arts Certificate604 527 5690ac.egellocsalguod@crawedProgram

Stagecraft and Event Technology

Greg YellenikCoordinator604 377 1688ac.egellocsalguod@gkinelleyProgram

Student Success

Cavanagh WhitelyCoordinator, Student Successac.egellocsalguod@cyletihwProgram

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

Laura BlumenthalCoordinator, TESL604 527 5582ac.egellocsalguod@ofnilsetProgram


Thrasso PetrasCoordinator604 527 5278ac.egellocsalguod@possarhtProgram

Gender, Sexualities and Women's Studies

Melanie YoungCoordinator604 527 5156ac.egellocsalguod@droocaaProgram

Science & Technology Programs

Dean: Brian Chapell ac.egellocsalguod@bllepahc
Associate Dean: Susan Oesterle ac.egellocsalguod@selretseo

Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching

Ken AndersonCoordinator604 527 5802ac.egellocsalguod@knosrednaProgram

Veterinary Technology

Pauline ChowCoordinator604 777 6322ac.egellocsalguod@pwohcProgram


Todd HarperChair604 527 5609ac.egellocsalguod@treprahProgram

CE – Building Energy and Resource Management

Brian ChapellCoordinator, Science and Technology604 527 5001ac.egellocsalguod@bllepahcProgram


Paul O'ConnorChair604 527 5864ac.egellocsalguod@pronnocoProgram

Computing Science

Mohammad AboofazeliInstructor604 527 5971ac.egellocsalguod@milezafooba

Earth & Environmental Sciences

David WaddingtonChair604 527 5230ac.egellocsalguod@dnotgniddawProgram

Dispensing Optician

Wayne MullenCoordinator604 777 6268ac.egellocsalguod@wnellumProgram


Allan MajdanacCoordinator604 527 5235ac.egellocsalguod@acanadjam

Geological Resources

David WaddingtonChair604 527 5230ac.egellocsalguod@dnotgniddawProgram


David WaddingtonChair604 527 5230ac.egellocsalguod@dnotgniddawProgram

Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Bruce KadonoffProgram Coordinator604 527 5234ac.egellocsalguod@bffonodakProgram

Graduate Diploma in Physical Education

Brian StoreyCoordinator604 527 5512ac.egellocsalguod@byerotsProgram

Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Wayne Mullen604 777 6268 ac.egellocsalguod@wnellumProgram

Math Upgrading

Florica AlexandruCoordinator604 527 6198ac.egeellocsalguod@furdnaxelaProgram


Bruce KadonoffChair604 527 5234ac.egellocsalguod@bffonodakProgram


Jennifer KirkeyChair604 527 5232ac.egellocsalguod@jyekrik


Jennifer KirkeyChair604 527 5232ac.egellocsalguod@jyekrik

Sport Science

Lara DukeChair and Diploma Coordinator604 527 5893ac.egellocsalguod@lekudProgram

Continuing Education Programs

Seanna Quressette Coordinator, CFCS Continuing Education604 527 5593ac.egellocsalguod@settesseruqProgram
Meg StainsbyCoordinator, Community Music School604 527 5284ac.egellocsalguod@mybsniatsProgram
Brian ChapellCoordinator, Science and Technology604 527 5001ac.egellocsalguod@bllepahcProgram
Laury DeBowProgram AssistantCE-Business604 527 5607ac.egellocsalguod@lwobedProgram
Edith KirkpatrickProgrammer, Health and Community Studies604 777 6528ac.egellocsalguod@ekcirtapkrikProgram
Kathie LindstromCoordinator, Perinatal604 777 6529ac.egellocsalguod@kmortsdnilProgram
David MunroProgrammer, Sports Institute604 527 5041ac.egellocsalguod@dornumProgram

Training Group Programs

Training GroupGeneral Information604 777 6150ac.egellocsalguod@gttProgram