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Get ready to capitalize on the abundant opportunities in the world of business. Douglas College's Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration will help you launch a career in sectors vital to the economy, such as marketing, hospitality and business management. Our programs span information technology, accounting, economics and administration as well.

We offer informed, up-to-the-minute instruction. Our instructors are supported by active networks in their chosen fields. They have skills to pass on that only experienced professionals can give. Together, you will build the abilities, knowledge and expertise that produce success within the office, boardroom or your own business.

Our programs build the skills employers need. Combining innovation with applied assignments, our courses offer abundant opportunities for hands-on experience outside the classroom. You'll benefit from class projects that focus on real-work situations and from the resources in our state-of-the-art computer labs.

We're working with you to build skills and connections for the future. Get ready to start your business career at Douglas College.

Please check out Douglas College Business Association for upcoming events and activities organized by a group of business students and find out how you could participate or to become a part of the organization.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Ready for a major step in your business career? The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program focuses on teaching you the career-ready skills you need to reach your goals. Select from two specialties: Accounting or Financial Services. Work experience of 500 hours is required to complete the BBA.

For more information, visit the Commerce and Business Student Success page.

Featured program

Put your skills to work with the Co-operative Education Program at Douglas College. Gain paid, full-time work experience, and College credit.


To harness the transformational power of education in order to inspire our students to become successful and compassionate business leaders in the evolving global community.


To provide the best applied business education.


Academic passion: We teach with energy and enthusiasm. We express ideas openly and stay academically fresh. We love what we do.

Collegiality: We work together to help students, colleagues and partners succeed. We respect different ideas, celebrate success, and show empathy. And, we never forget to have fun.

Professionalism: We honour our commitments. We set high standards and meet them. We seek feedback and continually upgrade our knowledge and skills.

Innovation: We embrace creativity. We make it happen.

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