University Transfer

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What is University Transfer?

University Transfer means you start studying for your degree at Douglas and transfer to another institution to complete your studies. The other institution will recognize the education you took at Douglas.

A course is considered university-transferable (UT) if it transfers to at least one of British Columbia's five research universities (UBC, UBC-Okanagan, SFU, University of Victoria, or University of Northern British Columbia).

(Note: you don't necessarily need to leave Douglas to complete your degree - Douglas offers 9 Bachelor's degrees)

How University Transfer works


Year 1: Douglas College 
Year 2: Douglas College 
Year 3: University
Year 4: University

  • Take courses at Douglas
  • Earn credits for each course
  • Transfer up to 60 credits to a university - that's half of a 4-year degree
  • Finish your studies at a university and graduate with your Bachelor's degree

10 reasons to do University Transfer at Douglas

Every year, thousands of students take University Transfer at Douglas, then transfer to SFU, UBC, UBC-O, UVic or UNBC, or another university to complete a Bachelor's degree. Here's why:

  1. Same courses: same content, same quality as courses at a major university
  2. Save $$: $4,000 over 2 years compared to a similar program of study at a major university
  3. Great teachers: while university profs are often busy with their research, profs at Douglas are dedicated to teaching in the classroom - they are passionate about helping you succeed
  4. More face time: with profs and classmates, thanks to smaller class sizes
  5. Discover your passion: try different subjects, find the ones that ignite your curiosity
  6. Set your own pace: take 4 or 5 courses at a time to finish quickly, or 2 or 3 courses if you have work or family responsibilities
  7. Stay close to home: minimize travel time and cost (especially if home is in the Tri-Cities, Burnaby, New West, East Van, North Surrey, North Delta, or Ridge-Meadows)
  8. Get support: Douglas advisors and support staff help you deal with school and life
  9. Get recognized: after just 2 years of studies at Douglas, get your Associate Degree - great for your resume!
  10. Succeed: Research shows students who start at college do as well (or better) by the time they graduate as students who rush to start their first year at university.
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