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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that are most frequently asked about Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Ask us a question if we missed something that you'd like to know.

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What is Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)?

PLAR is an assessment process that recognizes and values learning that is acquired as a result of both formal and informal learning experiences. Emphasis is placed on what is learned rather than where or how it was learned.

How much does it cost to do PLAR?

The cost depends on which PLAR option you choose: credit or licence and professional recognition.

If you choose PLAR for credit, you will pay the same fees as students who challenge the class. The fee structure is based on the number of credits assigned to a particular course. Details are available in the on-line College Catalogue.

If you choose PLAR for licence or professional recognition, there are different fees for each option.

Is PLAR popular in other BC Institutions?

PLAR, (also known as PLA) is available to varying degrees in all post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. The process of PLAR is gaining acceptance across Canada and throughout the world.