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Frequently Asked Questions

A new place, new faces, new experiences... it's all so exciting. Sometimes however, you just really need to know the important things like, where can I find a good cup of coffee, cheap? Well, you've come to the right place!

Is there a question you think should be on this list? Please email us at information@douglascollege.ca and we will answer your question and post it to help others.

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I am worried about my transition to college. Is there anything that will make this easier?

We have many things that will help your transition to college go smoothly. Attending Orientation is your first and best step. Check out the Orientation Page for more info! 

Additionally, the Learning Centre offers workshops on time management and study skills. They also provide tutors free of charge. It is important to check out the Douglas College Library as well. The librarians are often overlooked as a resource when writing papers.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to take a look at our Counselling Services web page. 

Take a look at the Student Services page for everything that is available.

Is there an Orientation program for new students? How do I register for it?

Yes, there are four separate Orientation events. An Early Summer Orientation takes places in May, and a Late Summer Orientation in August. You can find more information on all of these Orientations here.

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Application, Admission, Registration

What is the difference between application, admission, and registration?

Application: Application is the process of completing a form that covers your personal information, indicates what program you are applying to, and when you want to start college. Typically, an application fee is charged and you must submit an official high school transcript and, if applicable, other post-secondary school transcripts.

Admission: Admission is the process of reviewing your application and determining if you are eligible to be accepted to the College and to the program you have applied to. You may be asked to complete other admission criteria. You will be notified of this and the final outcome of your application by mail.

Registration: Once you have gained admission to the College, you will receive information in the mail concerning Registration. This is the process in which you choose the courses you need to take and you register in these courses using the College Web site.

How can I confirm the status of my application to Douglas College?

You can confirm your application status online by going to your secure site. You can also phone your admissions officer.

I am worried about registering for the right courses. Where can I get help?

Click here for the online guide, click here for information on the next registration information session, or call 604-527-5478 to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

When can I register for my courses?

If your application to the college has already been accepted, you should receive a "registration alert card" in the mail in July. Once you receive this card please go to your secure site to see when your registration time begins. The earliest this could occur is July 22th, 2010. The starting date will be sometime between July 22 and August 6.

How do I make an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor?

We highly recommend that every student meet with an Academic Advisor at some point before they begin their first semester, preferably before they register for courses. To book an appointment, just call 604.527.5478, and then hit "0" when you hear the automated message. Call early to avoid the rush during the last few weeks before term begins. If you have a quick question or cannot make it to the campus for an appointment then please take a look at these alternate methods of contacting an Academic Advisor.

I'm not enrolled in a program and I'm not sure what courses to take. Is there a list?

Take a look at the Douglas College Catalogue for programs and courses.

How do I add or drop a course after I have registered? Is there any penalty in doing so?

Look at the Registration System information page for instructions on how to do this. No, there is no penalty for dropping a course as long as you make your schedule changes within the Registration or Late Registration period. Check here for Important Dates and Deadlines to see when these are.

I will be registering for courses after September 2nd. Is the procedure different?

Yes, please view the late registration guide here.

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Tuition, Financial Aid

Is financial assistance available for new students?

Yes, Douglas College has a Financial Aid Office on both campuses, where you can speak with an advisor about scholarships, bursaries, awards, and student loans. Information on program costs and financial aid options is available online. Financial Aid is located on the second floor at NWC and the 1st floor at DLC.

When can I pay my tuition? And how much will it cost?

 The amount of tuition you owe is based on the number and type of courses that you register for. Once you have registered for courses online, you will be able to pay your tuition online or at the Cashier's Office at the New West campus and the Registrar's Office at the David Lam (Coquitlam) Campus. Check here for the tuition fee payment deadlines and here to view instructions how to pay. You can also check here for the tuition fee chart. If you are enrolled in a specific program, you can see the program costs here. Once you have registered for courses, log in to your secure site and click on the link that says `Registration' then `Tuition Fees' to determine the exact amount that you owe.

When do I have to pay my tuition by?

Click here for important dates and deadlines.

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Student Life

How do I get my Student ID card? What can I use it for?

Students who attend an Orientation event in May or August will have the opportunity to create their Student ID before classes begin. Otherwise you can visit the campus and go to the CEIT office. The CEIT office is room 3100 at the New Westminster Campus and B1250 at the Coquitlam Campus. More information is available here.

Your student card is needed to receive discount parking rates on campus, participation in on campus events, discount transit fees and much more!

Are there any discounts available for students who will be taking public transit to school?

Yes. Currently, we have the UPass available for Douglas College students who are registered for a minimum of three credits (1 course that has 3 credits) and who are paying student union fees are required to participate, regardless of whether you live in or outside of Metro Vancouver area. FastTrax stickers are no longer available nor are semester validation stickers - all students much get a new student ID card starting this Fall semester. See the student card production times.

How many people will be in my classes?

A typical class at Douglas College has 25-35 students, depending on the subject and course.

Can I take all my classes on one campus?

Douglas College has two campuses (New Westminster and Coquitlam). Many courses are offered at both locations, but some are only offered on one campus. Read the course Catalogue carefully to ensure that you understand exactly where your classes are being held. If you decide to register for courses on both campuses, remember to leave enough time between classes for the trip. It takes approximately 25 minutes to get from one campus to another by car, or 45 minutes to an hour by public transit.

I don't know where my classrooms are located. Where can I get a campus map?

Click here and select the campus you need. Maps are also available at the Welcome Centre on both campuses, or can be viewed in the concourse near Security or the main doors.

How do I know where my classes will be held, and how to find the classroom?

To find what room and campus your class will be held in you will need to log in to your Office 365 account. From here open the link that says ‘Student Self Service Login (Credit Students)’ on the right hand side of the opening page. Then open the link that says ‘Course Schedule.’ This is your schedule for the semester. An example class will read:


This is interpreted as the class HORM 2465 is held from 8:30am - 11:30am at the Coquitlam Campus A building in room A1470.

If you're not sure where you classroom is you can view a campus map here. You can also get campus maps and directions from the Welcome Centre and Security at both campuses.

Do you have student clubs at Douglas College?

Yes, we do. The student clubs on campus are managed by the Douglas Student Union There are also faculty-based student associations currently running in some departments. (Contact your department coordinator for more details.) If there currently is no club on campus for your hobby, sport, or interest, make one of your own! All of our clubs were started by individuals with a passion for their favorite activity, and grew as others with similar interests became involved. Also, if you attend Late Summer Orientation in August you will be participating in our OpFair where you will get a chance to get more information about all the co-curricular opportunities on campus, as well as sign up for them!

What if I need help with my class work?

Check out the Learning Centre for info on tutoring and self-help materials.

Where and how do I buy my books?

All required textbooks and course materials can be purchased from the campus bookstore. Once you have registered for your courses, you can check out the Douglas College Bookstore Book List to determine exactly which books you will need. You can then visit the bookstore at one of our New Student Orientation events, or drop in at your convenience during regular Book Store hours. Keep in mind that books for courses offered at only one campus may not be available for purchase at the other campus.

Where can I eat on campus?

Douglas College has cafeterias on both campuses with a variety of meal options. At our Coquitlam Campus we have the Cafeteria, Tim Horton's and a newly opened Triple O's. At our New Westminster Campus, we have the Cafeteria, Tim Horton's, Triple O's and a Deli.

Is there a Security office on campus? What do they provide?

Yes, both campuses have Security offices. If the Welcome Centre is closed they will help answer general inquiries. They also offer first aid, ‘lost and found’, and will escort you to your car at night if you so desire.

Where can I go for general enquiries on campus?

If you have a general question on campus, or need help finding something, you can always go to the Welcome Centre. Each campus has one in the main Atrium or Concourse. In the event that the Welcome Centre is closed, you can also ask Security.