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Student Testimonials

Rodrigo Meirelles de Oliveira

Rodrigo Meirelles de Oliveira, Brazil

Commerce and Business university transfer now studying at the Sauder School of Business at UBC

“What I really like about Douglas is that there is a focus on the importance of student life, not just academics. If you have questions or need help studying, your new friends are there to support you.”

Alex Li

Alex Li, China

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

“Douglas College helped fast-track my career as a financial planner with TD Wealth Management. The opportunities at Douglas are incredibly helpful for providing students with first-hand career experience.”

Dmitrii Pliasunov

Dmitrii Pliasunov, Russia

Associate Degree in Intercultural and International Studies. Now studying International Studies at Simon Fraser University

“I was worried about what and how to study in a different country, so I decided to apply to Douglas to take some time to adjust. Douglas helped me adjust to a new country’s educational system first and understand who I really am and what I want to do in life.”

Julieth Palacio

Julieth Palacio, Colombia

Post-Baccalaureate diploma in Hospitality Marketing

“I have a degree in corporate communications and journalism. Since starting my program at Douglas, I realized I want to combine my passion for hospitality, marketing and communications. Douglas helped me figure that out.”

Saya Soma

Saya Soma, Japan

Associate Degree in International and Intercultural Studies

“I met a great community of friends at my job working on campus at Douglas. We all treat one another like family. I feel really lucky that I came to Douglas College and I love the people here.”

Chaeyoung Jeon

Chaeyoung Jeon, Korea

Commerce and Business university transfer

“I love being a student in Canada. I started at one of Douglas College’s ESL Pathway Partners, and received a lot of help from that program. The academic skills I learned helped me adapt to college studies at Douglas.”