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New international students

New Student Checklist - Summer 2019 Semester

Welcome to Douglas College! Starting your student life in a new country can be exciting and a little bit overwhelming, so we’ve collected the essential information to guide you through. Follow this checklist to get ready for your adventure!

  1. Prepare your immigration documents
  2. Check your course schedule on MyAccount
  3. Get travel insurance for the first 3 months
  4. Register for New International Student Orientation
  5. Plan your trip to Canada for First Day of Classes
  6. Plan your accommodation 
  7. Check Important Dates and Deadlines
  8. Things to do within the first week of school
The International Office will host FIVE webinars for new international students coming for the Summer 2019 semester. Below are the links of the webinar recordings.
March 15, 2019  2pm or 7pm (PST) Welcome to Canada (series I)
March 22, 2019  2pm or 7pm (PST) Welcome to Canada (series II)
March 29, 2019  2pm or 7pm (PST) Online Resources
April 5, 2019  2pm or 7pm (PST) Student Life at Douglas College
April 12, 2019  2pm or 7pm (PST) Question and Answer

1.Prepare Your Immigration Documents

Study Permit: A valid study permit authorizes you to stay and study in Canada. If you are an international student, you require a valid study permit to study at Douglas College.

*(Letter of IntroductionIf this is your first time to apply for a study permit outside Canada, you will receive a Letter of Introduction when your study permit gets approved. You will need to bring the Letter of Introduction with you when you enter Canada. The Border Services officers will issue you a study permit at the port of entry. After you receive your study permit, please double check your personal information, validity, and remarks about working eligibility.)

  • To apply for your study permit, visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website for eligibility details and application instructions.
  • Inform us if your study permit is approved or refused by December 17th, 2018. You must have your study permit approved at least five business days prior to the start date of your program. If you do not inform us by the deadline, you may not be eligible for a refund of your tuition and fees. See our refund policy.

If you are coming directly from a high school in Canada, you must apply to change the conditions of your current study permit and receive the new study permit prior to beginning of your program. Your study permit for secondary school does not allow you to study at the university or college level. Visit the IRCC website for more information.

If you are transferring from a post-secondary school in Canada, you must inform IRCC of your Designated Learning Institution (DLI) change. Visit the IRCC website for more information. Douglas College’s DLI number is O19360973702.

If you are a one-semester exchange student, you do not require a study permit because you have been accepted into a program that is less than six months in duration.

Temporary Resident Visa: A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), also known as an 'entry visa,' is used only for entry and re-entry into Canada. Only citizens of certain countries require a TRV. Find out if you need a TRV here. You may be eligible to apply for your TRV with your study permit. 

eTA: Students from entry visa-exempt countries (except for U.S. citizens) must obtain an eTA to fly into Canada. Find more information here.

2. Check Your Course Schedule on MyAccount

New international students are automatically registered for 12 credits worth of appropriate courses for their first semester. Check your course schedule by logging into MyAccount. If you are starting your studies at Douglas College in the Winter 2019 semester, your courses will be registered in the last week of November 2018. 

Don’t know how to use MyAccount? Download the instructions to learn how to check your course schedule on MyAccount!

If you are not registered for 12 credits by the end of November 2018, please contact us at

If you plan to transfer some credits from your previous post-secondary institution(s), you will be responsible to register yourself in courses for your first semester. This is to avoid being registered in courses you plan to transfer from another institution. If you need further assistance, please contact your Admission Officer. 

3. Get Travel Insurance for the First 3 Months

It is mandatory to have a basic medical coverage while you are studying at Douglas College. New international students are responsible for obtaining medical insurance coverage for the first 3 months of your arrival to Canada.

You can also get a help at the Douglas College International Office with signing up for a temporary insurance. Learn more about medical insurance in B.C. here.

4. Register for New International Student Orientation

All international students are required to attend the New International Student Orientation. Find out more about the orientation here

You are also welcome to attend other college-wide orientations and new student events in addition to the New International Student Orientation. Find out what other events you can attend here.

5. Plan Your Trip to Canada for First Day of Classes

Winter 2019 Semester begins on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

All students are expected to attend their first class of the semester for each course. If you must miss the first class, you are responsible for notifying your instructor in advance.

If your instructor is not notified of your absence for first and/or second day of class, your seat may be given to another student, and your paid tuition fee for the first-semester courses is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

See full details on our Attendance Policy

6. Plan Your Accommodation

Many international students plan to live in homestay or rent their own places. Find out how you can prepare your accommodation in Vancouver.

Douglas College has three campuses: New Westminster Campus, Anvil Centre Campus and David Lam Campus (Coquitlam Campus). Make sure to check which campus your classes are and plan your accommodation accordingly!

7. Check Important Dates and Deadlines

Check all the important dates and deadlines for the Winter 2019 semester here. Add the dates and deadlines that are relevant to you on your personal calendar so you won't miss them!

Please note that you will NOT receive a refund for the first 12 credits deposit fees as a new international student even if you drop your courses by the deadlines mentioned on the college-wide Dates and Deadline page. Please disregard the rows "Last day to drop a course and receive a 100% refund" for January 1st and "Refunds for course drops during this period are 50% per credits" for January 2nd - 15th. This information only applies to returning students, not for the first semester international students.  

8. Things to Do within the First Week of School

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check your e-mail on a regular basis. You will be receiving e-mails from Douglas College (Faculty, staff, etc.) and it is your responsibility to stay informed. Please ensure to add to your email safe list, so our emails will not go to Junk or Spam Folders.