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Can I change my program?

Your initial program choice will not be changed until you’ve completed at least one semester of studies. 

If, after you’ve begun your first semester and you realize the program is not right for you, please make an appointment with our International Education Advisor at the International Office. It may be possible to change into a different program in your second, or subsequent semesters. Bring the complete checklist and program change form to your appointment. 

The reason we can’t do program changes in the first semester is because we have reserved a seat specifically for you. If we change your program, that leaves an empty seat which could have been filled by another student.

Can I take the summer semester off?

Scheduled breaks are defined by each institution. At Douglas College, the summer semester is considered one of the scheduled breaks for students in some programs. Please click here to find the answer in the table for question: what is defined as part-time and full-time studies for international students at Douglas College for immigration purposes? If it shows "no minimum credit required" for your program, that means you are allowed to take the summer semester off or be a part-time student. 

Do I have to apply to graduate?

Yes! You should apply for graduation in the first month of your final semester. Unless you apply to graduate, your program completion will not be confirmed. For application details and deadlines, see here.

Missing the application deadline could delay preparation of your graduation letter, which could delay your application for Post-Graduation Work Permit. 

How can I transfer credits from another educational institution?

If you want to transfer credits completed within BC, fill out a Transfer Credit Request Form and submit it to the International Office with your official transcript from your sending institution.

If you want to transfer credits completed outside of BC or Canada, make an appointment with our International Academic Advisor. Please bring an official transcript and detailed course outline of the courses you want to transfer. 

See full details here

How do I order an official transcript?

Login to MyAccount > click on “Student Records” > click on “Request Official Transcript” 

See more details here

What is the requirement at Douglas College for international students to be considered “full-time student” for the purpose of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) compliance?

An international student needs to be registered in a minimum of 9 credits in Fall and Winter semesters. However, some programs may require students to be registered in more than 9 credits to be considered full-time student. For example, students in Hospitality programs are required to be registered in a minimum of 12 credits in Fall and Winter semesters to be full-time Hospitality students. Please contact the International Office for confirmation. 

All international students at Douglas College are also recommended to complete a minimum of 24 credits per calendar year. 

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Immigration Documents and Working

Can I be a part-time student?

Yes. As long as you are complying conditions as a study permit holder, you are able to study on a part-time basis, unless otherwise your study permit has specific restrictions.

However, please note that if you are a part-time student, you are ineligible to work off-campus and ineligible for a post-graduation work permit. 

For more information on eligibility to work off-campus, please refer to:

For more information on eligibility for a post-graduation work permit, please refer to:


Can I start working full-time after completing my program?

Not until you submit your PGWP application. Students who completed their program can start working full-time after submitting their PGWP application, as long as they have been full-time students during their studies.

See the second note regarding Paragraph 186(w) of the IRPR on this IRCC website

This is my final semester. Can I work off-campus even if I am registered for less than 9 credits?

If it is your final semester and you are studying part-time because you do not have any other courses you can take toward your program, you are allowed to work off-campus even if you are a part-time student. You must also have been a full-time student since you started your studies.

See under “Who can work off-campus?” here.

When can I apply for my Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?


Changes on Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

(effective on February 14, 2019)

Click HERE for more information

You can apply for your PGWP as soon as you receive your graduation completion letter from Douglas College. If you have applied for your graduation by the deadline, you should be able to pick up your graduation confirmation letter in the second week of the following semester. For Example, If Fall 2017 semester is your final semester, your graduation letter should be ready in the second week of Winter 2018 semester. You can pick up your graduation letter at the International Office (New Westminster campus office).

You do NOT have to wait until your graduation ceremony to apply for PGWP. 

For more details on PGWP application, please visit the IRCC website

When can I apply to extend my study permit at the earliest?

90 days prior to the expiry date of your study permit. See more details on study permit extension here.

You should apply to extend your study permit if you plan to travel outside Canada and your permit will expire while you are travelling. Please see an International Student Advisors before submitting an application

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I want to travel home between the semesters. When should I book my flights?

Final exam schedule is posted on Douglas College website about two months prior to the beginning of the exam period. It is usually posted under “Notification” on Douglas College's main website. After your last final exam, you are on a break until the beginning of the following semester: you can travel home during this period.

You can either wait until the exam schedule is posted to book your flights, or book your flights that are after the last day of the exam period. You can find the dates of exam period here

I need a letter for my bank to prove that I am a student at Douglas College. How do I get one?

If you are looking to open or maintain a student bank account and need to prove that you are enrolled at Douglas College, you can download your Verification of Enrolment (VOE) from your MyAccount. Go to MyAccount> “Student Records”>”View/Print Documents & Letters." Be sure to select "Verification of Enrolment with Fees" from the drop down menu. 

I applied for Medical Services Plan (MSP), but never received my MSP card. What should I do?

Please contact the Health Insurance BC

We only help students with filling out application forms and sending them to MSP processing office. We do not have access to any of your MSP information after the application has been sent. 

When can I apply to extend my MSP?

After you renew and receive the physical copy of your study permit, you can extend your MSP coverage. Go to this website to apply online.