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Fee deferrals

If you are relying on student loans to pay your fees, you may qualify for a fee deferral. This will postpone your payment until your student loan is available.

You should verify with Financial Aid that money for your tuition fees will be deducted from your total student loan and transferred to Douglas College.  If courses are added after enrolment has been confirmed for your student loan, you need to pay the additional fees, as they will not be deducted.

If a Fee Deferral expires and tuition fees are not paid in full, you may incur late fees.

Applying for a Fee Deferral before December 4, 2017

You can apply online for a fee deferral until December 4, 2017. You can access the online fee deferral by logging in to your myAccount.

Applying Online

  1. Login to your myAccount
  2. Click on "Financial Aid"
  3. Click on "Award Application"
  4. Click on "Apply"

Remember to "Agree" to the terms and conditions every time you open your application.

Applying for a Fee Deferral after December 4, 2017

If you are applying for a fee deferral after December 4, 2017 print and complete the Fee Deferral Form, attach a copy of your notification of assessment letter to the form, and submit both documents in one of the following ways:

  • In person at the New Westminster Campus Cashier's Office
  • In person at the David Lam Campus Registrar's Office
  • By Mail to: Cashier's Office, P.O. Box 2503, New Westminster, BC, V3L 5B2
  • By Fax: Attention: Cashier's Office at 604-527-5900

If your Fee Deferral form is not received by December 11, 2017 and there are still outstanding tuition fees on your account, all courses will automatically be de-registered.

WARNING: If you drop any courses after the semester begins, and have not made any payments toward your account, you will still owe Douglas College money. The amount owed will be determined by the date and number of credits dropped.

All enquiries regarding Fee Deferrals can be directed to the Cashier's Office at 604-527-5346.