Mobility impairments

Physical impairments include a number of disabilities causing loss of function in areas of independent movement resulting from nervous system impairment, amputation and/or a musculoskeletal condition.


  • Arthritis 
  • repetitive strain
  • carpel tunnel syndrome
  • soft tissue injury
  • spina bifida
  • amputations
  • paraplegia
  • quadriplegia

Professionals qualified to diagnose physical disabilities:

Physician Specialist in area of disability

Possible Accommodations

  • mobility in classroom 
  • use of a computer or keyboard for in-class assignments and essays
  • note taker
  • tutor/reader 
  • taped lectures 
  • attendant care 
  • alternate format texts
  • reduced course load 
  • computer or word processor for exams
  • writing tool accessories (pencil grips, large pens) 
  • adapted software (Naturally Speaking, word prediction programs)
  • scribe 
  • extended time 
  • exams in alternate format