Blackboard is Douglas College’s learning management system. Blackboard provides one-stop access to online courses and academic resources. Blackboard is used by most instructors, for both in-person instruction and online learning. It offers a set of features and tools, which enables you to engage with course content, submit assignments, participate in discussions, collaborate in groups, watch/listen to media, and much more.

Before you start

  1. Check if your browser is compatible. 

  1. Ensure you have your CNA credentials

Log into Blackboard

Blackboard Login

You will use your College Network Access (CNA) credentials to log into Blackboard.

Here's how: PDF

Blackboard student resources

In Student Resources, you’ll find information and instructions about your college email, your course ID, how to navigate your course, submit assignments, take a test, and view your grades among other things. The new and upgraded Blackboard offers two ways to access Student Resources: 

Option 1: Go to Blackboard, click on Student Resources under Quick Links section

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Option 2: Go to Blackboard and login into Blackboard using your CNA credentials.

Click on Institution Page in the left Navigation (in the list where your name appears) and then look for Blackboard related resources for Students section on the right. You will find Blackboard Student Resources under this section. 

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Get started with Blackboard (practice course) 

Try out the various features of Blackboard in a practice course. Go to Blackboard, find Student Resources (mentioned above) and click on Get Started with Blackboard on the top left. You’ll find yourself in the practice course. Click Enroll on the bottom of the course menu (left navigation bar), which will then enable you to interact in the course and gain real hands-on experience. 

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Need help?

  1. Check out the Blackboard quick guide 

  2. Try our Blackboard Student FAQs tool of Student Resources in Blackboard

  1. If you need additional help with Blackboard, contact the CEIT Service Desk at When asking your questions, remember to provide your name, student number, full course name and term. 

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