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Douglas College is excited to welcome our community back to campus. Please check back regularly to stay up-to-date on what is going on at Douglas.


  • Complete a daily self-assessment and stay home if ill or are experiencing symptoms, even if you received a negative COVID-19 test result.

  • Get vaccinated, if you’re able. The more people in a community who are immunized and protected from COVID-19, the harder it is for COVID-19 to spread. 

When visiting the campuses:

  • Follow all posted safety signage.

  • Wear a non-medical facemask in all public areas, including classrooms. Instructors and other presenters may choose not to wear a mask when behind a barrier or if they maintain a two meter distance from students while teaching in indoor public spaces. 

  • Practice good hand hygiene regularly. 

  • Report all on-campus illnesses to Security before leaving the campus. 

Campus Updates

Most recent updates are listed below. If you are looking for past campus updates, please visit the Past campus updates page.

The Douglas College vaccination survey results are in and the findings are very encouraging.

We had an impressively high response rate, higher than most institutions in the sector. Over 92% of regular staff and administrators responded to the survey, as well as 73% of faculty and 61% of students.  This is remarkably high for any survey. Thank you for taking part!

Reported vaccination rates are also very high, well above average for the greater Metro Vancouver region.

Of those who responded, 93% of regular staff, 95% of faculty and 97.5% of administrators say they have been fully vaccinated, with small percentages also reporting partial vaccination status.

With respect to students, 88% report that they have been fully vaccinated and another 6.5% partially vaccinated, which is, again, higher than the regional average.

Many of the students and employees who are not yet fully vaccinated say that they plan to get fully vaccinated soon.

All of this is great news and it gives the College good reason to believe that the vast majority of our college community is fully vaccinated.

Earlier in the Fall, we announced the possibility of widespread rapid testing. With this new data and confirmation from the Provincial Health Officer that widespread rapid testing is not supported due to little evidence showing that it reduces risk outside of specific settings, such as housing, we will not be pursuing widespread rapid testing at this time.

Instead, we’re choosing to go with what we know is working – encouraging vaccination and making it easier for students and employees to get vaccinated. By far, this is the best way to keep ourselves and our community safe.

Douglas College has been working with the BC Centre for Disease Control, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, and other post-secondary institutions on ways to maintain and enhance safety on our campuses during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

To help us make further decisions on the best way forward for Douglas, we are asking all students and employees to complete an anonymous survey regarding vaccination status. This data is vital for planning future responses to the pandemic.  

Students and employees will receive an email invitation from Douglas College Institutional Research containing a unique and secure URL link to the survey within the next day. The survey will take less than a minute to complete and no self-identifying information is collected. 

It is extremely important to gather responses from everybody, regardless of vaccination status, and we encourage you to participate. 

On Monday, the Province will begin requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for some non-essential or discretionary services, businesses and events. For Douglas, this means some of our activities will now require proof of vaccination of at least one dose starting September 13 and full vaccination (two doses) by October 24. 

Starting Monday, proof of vaccination WILL be required for:  

  • Indoor ticketed concerts, theatre, dance, symphony and sporting events 
  • Fitness Centre access 
  • Intramurals, gym access and other indoor high intensity group exercise  
  • Indoor organized gatherings like conferences, meetings and workshops that welcome individuals from the community to participate (e.g. Speaker Series events) 
  • Indoor organized group recreational classes and activities 
  • DSU social events and club meetings & events 

Proof of vaccination includes showing the BC Vaccine Card and a piece of valid government photo ID. For people from other provinces, territories or international visitors, the Government's website has information about alternative documents*.

At this time, the Provincial Health Officer has not provided for any exemptions from the program. Individuals unable to show proof of vaccination will not be able to participate in activities that require the BC Vaccine Card.  

Proof of vaccination WILL NOT be required for: 

  • Academic classes, and other educational activities required for those classes 
  • Workshops, info sessions, or events for current students (e.g. Friday Hangouts, Career Centre workshops, Service Fairs, etc.) 
  • Access to service areas on campus (e.g. Career Center, Enrolment Services, Counselling, etc.) 
  • On-campus cafeterias 
  • Indoor organized events with less than 50 people, except adult sports 

Not to worry, activities that require proof of vaccination will include the requirement on all promotional material, as well as provide signage at the event, so you can make educated decisions about participation.  

Learn more about the BC Vaccine Card and how to get it.

*Text updated on September 28.

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