Wellness activities

Winter 2022 Events & Activities

Virtual Mental Health Workshop 

Tuesday, January 25th from 4 - 5 pm 

Participate in this one-hour virtual workshop to learn about mindfulness techniques, managing stress, self-care ideas and how to reduce burnout. This workshop will be held on Zoom and is open to all Douglas students, free of cost. 

Join us online HERE

Wellness Activities

Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, increase confidence, and help to improve focus. Consistent mindfulness meditation practice can make a world of difference; try a beginner mediation to get started! 

Grab your pens and pencils, colouring is a creative mindfulness activity that can help with anxiety and stress management.

Eating healthy is important for your well-being whether you are at school or at home. There are many easy and nutritious recipes out there; be creative and fuel your inner foodie!

The simple exercise of writing down your experiences can help you to relieve stress, understand your emotions, increase self-awareness, and change your mental outlook.


Currently, all Student Life Wellness Events are operating in a virtual capacity. In the meantime, you may be looking for ways to take care of yourself and online activities to support your health. All resources and activities on this page are free!


If you have questions please email our Wellness Coordinator