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Graduation Information Guide

Graduation commemorates and rewards all your hard work and effort here at Douglas College. It is a very special day - for you the graduate, your friends and family, and for Douglas College. To observe and celebrate the realization of your goals, we urge all graduates to participate in the ceremonies on June 9, 10, and 11, 2020. Douglas College is proud of its graduates, so plan to attend the Summer 2020 Graduation Ceremonies!

The college will be hosting several Graduation Ceremonies over these three days and students must pay particular attention to the day and time they are scheduled to receive their award and ensure that they attend the appropriate ceremony.

Please note: You are invited to attend the convocation ceremony related to your program graduation date. At this time, we will not accept any requests to defer convocation to future ceremony dates and times.

Please read all of the information carefully and if you have any further questions, please contact:

The Graduation Office

RSVP for Graduation Ceremony Attendance

Graduation Ceremonies will be held on Tuesday, June 9, Wednesday, June 10 and Thursday, June 11, 2020. You are invited and encouraged to attend the ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments here at Douglas College. 

The students that applied by April 9 and indicated they will be attending the graduation ceremonies will have Priority to RSVP and get guest tickets.  After this time tickets will be available for all students until the ticketing system closes.  If there are additional tickets available, the system will reopen and students will be able to request additional tickets on a first come/first served basis.  

Ceremony Procedures

On the day of the ceremonies, report to the third floor North Building one hour prior to your ceremony to check-in and pick up your Credential and gown. Late arrivals will be difficult to accommodate due to the gowning of students, so please be on time! Once gowned, graduates will not be permitted to leave this area. Students are advised to leave purses and bags at home or with guests prior to check-in.  A coat check is available to students but the College is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Guests should go directly to the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre.

All students will be provided with a gown for the ceremony. Graduation is a semi-formal event and the Graduation gown is black and approximately knee length.  Please return your gown as soon as possible after your ceremony. Remember to sign in your gown as you will be charged the cost of the gown if not returned. Note: Douglas College does not own any gowns for use before or after the ceremony date.

Your program will meet in a designated area. Once you find your program group, please remain in this area to receive further instructions regarding the processional into the theatre.

All graduates and guests are to remain seated in the theatre until the achievements of all students have been recognized.
The ceremonies will be approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours in length. After each ceremony, graduates and guests are invited to a reception.


The students that applied by April 9 and indicated on their graduation application that they will be attending, will have priority to RSVP to obtain two guest tickets. Students that did not indicate that they will be attending and any priority students that did not RSVP previously will be able to receive tickets after the priority RSVP period. This will ensure that there will be guests in the theatre for every student attending their graduation ceremony.  

If there are any additional tickets left, additional ticket(s) will be available when the ticketing system reopens during a pre-determined time (please check back in later about dates for this period). This will be on a first come, first served basis and the seat(s) will not be with the original seats. If there are any remaining tickets on the day of graduation they will be available on the day of graduation on a first-come, first-served basis one hour before the start of the ceremony.

Additional guests without a theatre ticket will be directed to the overflow room to watch the ceremonies via the live feed, or they can watch the ceremonies in the concourse on the big screen. 

Late arrivals will be seated if appropriate after the ceremony has begun.


There will be free parking for the days of graduation.  The entrance to the parking lot is off of Victoria Street.


Gabor Gasztonyi Photography will be capturing an action shot of each graduate while crossing the stage during the ceremony. Students will have an opportunity to purchase these photos. In addition, before and after each ceremony, Gabor Gasztonyi will be available for drop-in photo sessions for individual portraits and group photos. (Please note: gowns will be available for photographic sessions). It is recommended for graduates who wish individual portraits to be at the college two hours prior to the commencement of their ceremony.


Convocation Flowers provides graduates and guests with the opportunity to pre-order their flowers online - you will be able to purchase and reserve your flowers ahead of time and have them available for pick-up at their table outside of the theatre on your graduation day.

Students who currently have courses in progress:

If you are currently enrolled in courses that are needed to meet graduation requirements you must verify successful completion of these courses before attending the graduation ceremony. Please go to the Douglas College Web site or check with the instructor or department to verify grades.

If you are continuing your studies and will be eligible to receive an additional award at a later time you will be required to apply for the next graduation ceremony. Students may apply for only one award in related fields of study and will be granted to the highest eligible award. To claim a second diploma, either in the same or other graduation term, an additional 50% new coursework must be completed.

Name and address verification

Please carefully check that your name and address is correct; this is how your name will appear on your credential. You can view your graduation application online through myAccount. Contact the Graduation Office immediately by email at if any corrections are required.

Any changes or corrections that are not reported before May 15, 2020 will result in the student bearing any and all associated costs for reprinting. The current price for reprinting is $25.

Award Pickup

Awards may be picked up by graduates who do not attend the Ceremony at the Office of the Registrar, located at the New Westminster campus until July 17. If you would like to pick up your credential at the David Lam campus please contact the Graduation Office at Graduates must present picture identification at the time of pick up. A person other than the graduate may pick up the award upon presentation of a third party pick up form.

After this time the awards will be mailed to the permanent address indicated in the students file. Once mailed, the college is not responsible for any damage or loss which may result in the mailing process. Any request for reprinting resulting from loss or damage must be paid by the student. Students are, therefore, encouraged to pick up their awards at the College.

Special Assistance or Request

Students with special needs such as ASL interpreters, photo enlarging or braille, please contact Miriam West 604-527-5120, email or TTY - 604-527-5450 by June 1, 2020.


Notice of Live Web Stream and Event Photography

Please note that the graduation ceremonies are streamed live via a link on the Douglas College website. Following the ceremonies, the videos will be archived on the website and available for viewing at any time.

During the ceremony, Gabor Gasztonyi Photography will be photographing each graduate while crossing the stage and will contact students directly with information on how to obtain these images. Additionally, a video clip of each student crossing the stage will be made available through a company called StageClip. Students will be contacted directly by this company with the clips.

There will be Douglas College roving staff photographers taking photos of the event before and after the ceremonies, which may be used to promote the College. If you do not wish to be photographed before or after the ceremonies by the roving staff photographer, please let them know and they will be happy to comply.