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Extortion Email Advisory

Recently, a number of College employees have received malicious emails from online attackers. In the emails, the attackers claim they know your passwords and they have obtained inappropriate or embarrassing video recordings of you and threaten to send the videos to your contacts — unless you pay them.

The best way to deal with these emails is not to respond to them. Do not click on any links or open any attachments from the email. They do not have what they claim to have. Instead, report these emails to the CEIT Service Desk at . 

The attackers take advantage of people who often re-use passwords for different systems and accounts. Though it may seem like they have control of your computer, they do not. We do not have enough information on where they obtained the passwords from, but there is a possibility that they were stolen from sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. To learn more about IT Security and tips to be safe online, visit the IT Security page on the College website.