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Free Printing

Each student is given 240 pages of free, letter-sized black and white printing each semester. We implemented printing limits because of environmental concerns, cost issues and evidence of excessive printing by a small number of students.


Students who have reached the free print limit can use the PayPrint Stations, at a cost of $0.10 per page. PayPrint stations use photocopy cards to charge for printing. You can purchase and reload a copy card from the machines located at both campus libraries.

PayPrint stations are located:

▪ At both campus libraries (Not at NW Library during the renovation.)
▪ Room N6212 at the New Westminster campus
▪ Room A2270 at the David Lam campus
  Accessible only when classes are not scheduled. Times will vary.

The college libraries also house a colour printer, where you can print at a cost of $0.50 per page. (Not at NW Library during the renovation.)

How to use a PayPrint Station

  1. Send your document(s) to print at the nearest PayPrint station from the computer you are working on using the Print dialog box, or bring your documents to a PayPrint station on removable media, such as a USB drive. Please note that you have 20 minutes to pay for your printing, after which your print job will be deleted from the PayPrint station queue.
  2. Remember to log off the computer in the computer lab before going to the PayPrint station in order to avoid unauthorized use of your account.
  3. Head to the nearest PayPrint station and follow the directions on screen.

For more PayPrint assistance, please see the PayPrint Computer Instructions.


Should you need any technical assistance while printing on campus, please contact CEIT Service Desk at 604 527 5330 or email