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College Network Access (CNA) & Wi-Fi

Your CNA credentials give you access to a number of different services and resources. 

Username: your 9-digit student number
Password: for first access, your password will be generated randomly and emailed to you after you're registered for at least one course.

For security reasons, please change your password as soon as you receive your account creation notification by email. This password must have at least 15 characters.

Change/Reset CNA Password

Douglas requires you to set up a password with at least 15 characters. Since the CNA credentials allow access to so many services, it’s important to ensure your login is as secure as possible. But remember that resetting this password will affect all services that use the same password (e.g., Office 365, Wi-Fi and U-Pass BC on Compass Card).

To change/reset your password, visit:

For more information on password changes and resets, visit the change/reset password page.

CNA credentials are used to access the following services:


Single Sign On (SSO)

Your CNA credentials now utilize a unique feature called Single Sign On (SSO). SSO allows you to easily access different services without having to input your sign in information again and again. Once you close your browser or sign out of your computer, the SSO application ends.


If you need assistance: