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Guidelines for parents

Health and safety

An up-to-date immunization record to enter and remain in the day care centre is required.

A general guideline as to when a child is kept at home or taken home from the group would be when the child is not well enough to take part in the regular program or is infectious to others. For this reason parents are advised to make personal arrangements for stand-by emergency care.


Parents are responsible for seeing that the child has a nourishing breakfast before arriving at the Centre. Healthful and varied snacks will be provided in the morning and afternoon. Parents are responsible for providing a nutritious lunch.

Clothing and personal belongings

Each child should have a change of clothing left at the Centre, and come equipped with rainproof clothing and boots for outdoors. All clothing should be marked with your child's name. If your child will be staying in the Centre during nap time, a blanket from home is required.

Arrivals and departures

It is the parents responsibility to sign the day book each day and make entry and departure times brought to the attention of a staff member.

Staff will not allow your child to leave the Centre with anyone other than a person authorized by you.

Children must be picked up no later than 6:00pm. In such occurrence, standard after-hour care procedures will be implemented.