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Volunteer On Campus

At Douglas, there are many opportunities for students to get involved and contribute to the College community. Volunteering allows students to get hands-on experience working with different Faculties and Services around the College.

How do I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer you must attend a mandatory training session. Training sessions for Fall 2018 volunteering have been completed. Please check back in the next few weeks for future volunteer training for next semester.

For more information about volunteering at Douglas College email: volunteer@douglascollege.ca, or check out our FAQ's below.



Volunteer FAQ’s


Who is the volunteer team?

The volunteer team is a group of students who want to get involved and make connections on campus through volunteering.


Who am I volunteering for?

Students are given the opportunity to volunteer with various departments and services around the College. Training is facilitated by the Student Life Department.


What are the volunteer opportunities?

You will often be “tabling,” which means that you will sit at a table and interact with students who come by, giving information about the department you are volunteering for. There are also other opportunities available.


Can I use you for mandatory volunteer class hours, or as a reference?  

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that involvement in the Volunteer Team will provide you with an opportunity to fulfill required class hours and/or provide you with a reference.  Volunteers are not guaranteed set hours, and most often opportunities are for single one-time events. However, students who do volunteer will get the benefit of meeting new people and expanding their network, gaining new skills, and making a greater connection to the college.


How do I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer you must attend a mandatory training session. Training is held at the beginning of the winter and fall semesters. Please check back closer to the date to sign up for a training session.