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Student wellness awareness team (S.W.A.T.)

Douglas College is more than just a college. We are a community that cares and wants students and employees to feel safe, respected, happy, and healthy. The Student Wellness Awareness Team is here to help spread health education and information so these words can translate into action. We hope more students feel connected, supported, and successful as a whole student moving forward.

The S.W.A.T. is a team comprised of student staff and student volunteers who are keen to spread health and wellness education to their peers, helping to foster healthy lifestyles. The group will use a variety of fun and innovative strategies to promote health on campus. These include college-wide outreach events, workshops, campaigns, interactive tabling, and much more.  The hope is that the team can help peers “swat” out unhealthy behaviours by providing tools to guide them on a more positive and healthy road ahead. Peer to peer support can be an effective way to help work through challenges, relay important messages, and provide resources.


Due to staff transition we are not recruiting new SWAT members at this time. Please check back later. 

What to expect after you apply: Within 10 days of your application submission, you will receive an email from the Program Coordinator with some follow-up questions and an invitation to come in for a short informal meeting. 

Because we invest a lot of resources into your experience and development, we want to make sure this is the right fit for you and the program. 


1. "The program really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I think it made me become more open, and I was able to build relationships with the S.W.A.T. members. It filled the experience of Douglas College for me. It helped me be more confident..." 

2. "I felt extremely comfortable to share my ideas. It is evident that my teammates care and understand me. I now feel interested and motivated to volunteer more at Douglas." 

3. "I felt like this program helped me get comfortable with talking to people and public speaking." 

4. "I gained confidence to just put myself out there! It also taught me that I need to practice self-care and balance for my own well-being."

--- Winter, 2019 S.W.A.T members

Questions? Please email the Recreation and Wellness Coordinator

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  • Meet Friends
  • Build Confidence
  • Improve Public Speaking Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Collaborative Team Work
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification (cost covered)
  • Consent Training and More


  • Availability: 
    - Must be available for the mandatory training days (3 days)
    - Must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours in one semester
  • Skill Set: 
    - Excellent communication skills
    - Demonstrates leadership capabilities
    - Promotion and public speaking experience is an asset, but not required
    - Prior volunteer experience is an asset
  • Interest Areas (must have interest in a minimum of one of the following): 
    - Mental Health 
    - Sexual Health 
    - Physical Health 
    - Consent & Bystander Intervention 
    - Social Health 
    - Environmental Health 
    - Spiritual Health 
  • Attitude: 
    - Respectful
    - Positive 
    - Encouraging 
    - Team Player 
    - Motivated



Volunteer 20 hours, Attend a minimum of 3 monthly team meetings | Perk: $100 gift card to your place of choice + plus team SWAT shirt 


  • Self-Care Aware: Mission Nutrition, Trick or Teeth, Self-care Activities, Sleep Hygiene, Pap Awareness Week
  • REC Crew: World of Dance, Intramurals/Tournament Support, Fitness Class Promo, Laughter Yoga, Intro to Fitness Centre Sessions
  • Consent Champions: Consent Workshops, Consent Outreach, Sexual Violence Knowledge Activities, Music Behind Bars
  • Mental & Sexual Health Activities: Beyond the Blues event support, PAWS for Mental Health (animal therapy), Let's Talk About Sex Safety, Mindfulness Sessions


  • Staff Coordinator: Recreation and Wellness 
  • Abby Verigin: Student Assistant, Wellness Leader