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Happy Hour…without the Booze

Happy Hour…without the Booze (click on link to get you to content below)

Happy Hour is a series of one to two hour sessions that will vary in content, focusing on the following; conflict resolution, healthy relationships, personal identity outside of their comfort zone, skill transfer, and self-care through laughter. 

By attending these sessions students should feel more confident in their ability to

  • manage personal, peer, and relationship conflicts
  • identify personal strengths from previous experience and transfer them off-campus to careers, volunteer roles, and other endeavours
  • to step out of their comfort zone
  • connect with others
  • discuss challenging topics
  • support their peers
  • laugh more often and understand the importance of laughter

Laughter Yoga

Dates to be determined

Laughter Yoga combines interactive laughter exercises with a focus on breath and both calming and playful movements.  Most often the laughter in a laughter yoga session is initiated in the group with full body laughter exercises.  It includes clapping, eye contact, a variety of facial expressions, chanting or shouting, and more. Typically the simulated or somewhat fake laughter will turn into real, genuine, and contagious laughter that brings much more oxygen to our body and brain (

The session will be offered 2-3 times a semester.

Note: This session will accept 35 registrants per offering

Conflict Resolution Workshops

Monday, Oct 22nd, 9:00am-11:30am at NWC / Aboriginal Gathering Place S4650

This workshop will provide students with information about conflict management theories and practices, with an emphasis on skill building.  The workshop will reinforce positive communication skills so that students can more effectively manage the inevitable conflict that arises in their different student roles, personal lives, and professional endeavors.

Participant are asked to come with one brief story about a conflict that they were involved in, the issue, and how it was resolved (if it was).



The workshop is interactive and will include work group

Refreshments included

Registration Winter 2019 TBD 


Dates to be determined

InterACTION is a movement based, interactive leadership session that includes icebreakers, team builders, and problem solving activities.  This is a great session for students who want to step out of their comfort zone, meet new students, and have fun with physical activity.

Note: This session will accept 24 students per offering.