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Research Day

Douglas College Research Day is a great opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and discoveries from an individual or group research project.  Students set up an interactive booth with their research displayed on a poster board. The experience also gives students the opportunity to hone their presentation and public speaking skills. Presentations were rated on: Presentation Skill, Format and Layout, and Topic Mastery. 

This Years winners are:

First Place

 Indigenous Perspectives of Leisure and Recreation - Lauren  Ray


 Women in Song: the holistic impact of women's choirs - Julie Edmundson


Second Place

Mary Whiton Calkins: Her Historic Contributions to Psychology -Serena Bornholdt


Exploring Physical Environments in Dementia Care - Fiona Lastoria


Third Place

Impact of Social Systems on the Lived Experience of People with Mental Illness -Dannis Chan


Leg Position Effecting Force Production in Bench Press - Brodie Jackson,  Brendan Carrigan, Julia Hodanic


Congratulations to all the participants and all your hard work!