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Research Day


Douglas College Research Day is a great opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and discoveries from an individual or group research project.  Students set up an interactive booth with their research displayed on a poster board. The experience also gives students the opportunity to hone their presentation and public speaking skills.

This year's winners are:


Impact of Horticulture Programs – Eva Kwong

Leisure Needs and The Role of Leisure for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness – Katrina Toninato and Julia Vickers


Passport identification of Children – Corina Potts

Conservation of Sambucus sp.: Host-Parasitoid relationship between Desmocerus aureipennis and Ephialtini sp. - Sung Wook Jo


Feline wellness following radioactive treatment for hyperthyroidism – Kathryn Douglas, Emma Charman and Amy Maunsell 

Analysis of HCl Gas Using Infrared Spectroscopy – Terry Park