Photography SLR


Single Lens Reflex S.L.R. DIGITAL CAMERAS

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This course puts an emphasis on actual use of your SLR Digital Camera. Weather permitting we practice taking photographs outdoors of flowers, moving subjects, and people.  Topics include basic functions of the camera, using flash and fill flash, exposure compensation, depth of field, lenses and much more. 

*Prerequisite:  Beginner course or basic experience.  Please bring a tripod if you have one.


June 13 - June 27, 2020              Saturday Mornings (3 weeks)            

Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Douglas College David Lam Campus 1250 Pinetree Way Coquitlam, BC Room A1250         

Cost: $79.00 plus GST
Instructor: Wayne McCartney
How to Register:      

To register call 604-527-5472




Spaces are limited, so register early!

Monday-Friday, 9:30 am -  4:00 pm