What Our Grads Say

Starting your own business is an exciting and life-changing decision. We're proud of our graduates who are reaching for their dreams. If you're thinking about your future as an entrepreneur and how it can begin, here's what our graduates say about the Douglas College Self-Employment Program.

Want to know what the program looks like from a participant's perspective? Please view this excellent video, produced by SE graduate Alvin Barrera of MixMedia World.

"I would absolutely recommend the program to other entrepreneurs, with the caveat that you will only get out of it what you put into it. Going through the program helps keep you organized and gives you tools that present you with opportunities, but you have to be willing to do the work and keep pushing yourself in order to take advantage of those opportunities." Craig McDowell Zoomies

"Here are a couple of press releases about my new Company and the people I’m working with.. and our first film (The Drummond Will) that we will be releasing for Canadian distribution.   I don’t think I could have done this without the help and leg up from the SEP program." Michael Price Blackrock Films

"I knew I had the skills to develop a salon, but I needed the skills to develop a business, and so my search landed me to the Douglas College SE Program. There are many schools that offer similar programs but Douglas College had more intakes and has led more programs than the others. To me this translated to more experience and I wanted the best, always! The program helped me develop a comprehensive business plan that I still reference to this day." Amber George Verve Hair Lounge Inc.

"The Douglas College Self-Employment Program, in my eyes is a wonderful program that brings out the best in people who really want to make a difference and have their dreams become realities. I am one of those people. I made the right choice by joining the SE program, and yes, I have reached the pinnacle of my career -  I am in my sixth year of business, thoroughly enjoying it and to date we have up to 86 children in our facility."  Jas Mahal Tiny Bubbles Preschool

"I don't have the words to really express my thanks to the Douglas College Self-Employment Program, to the exceptional staff and especially to Ray Peterson, who was the first one to believe in my dream. The program changed my life and has brought my family life to a new level. This program helps people who are the way I was, willing to do their best to achieve their goals."  Duglas Cruz Greenland Landscaping

"Without the assistance of the Douglas College Self-Employment Program, and their business advisors I would not be in the process of making my dreams come true. The development of a business plan and the encouraged discipline to follow it has resulted in my company being profitable in its first full year of business. Knowing someone was always there to give advice, along with the financial support has started Kitty Kompany well on its way to a successful future." Kristin Schumacher Kitty Kompany Pet Sitting Services

"I am where I am today because of the incredible job that the Douglas College Self-Employment Program consistently performs for each intake. The most important value that I think you contribute is the way you deliver a deeper entrepreneurial message that is focused on humanity, caring and an understanding that cannot come from books or printed curriculum. It's as if you breathe real life and true experience into every page that we cover in your course. Thank you because I am so completely fearless for the first time in many years! I so love what I do." Stuart Ellis-Myers Uniquely Speaking

"The SE program was amazing! I believe I would not still be in business, nor experienced year after year success without it. My training and speaking business has tripled in just a few short years. The support, know-how and guidance offered by the SE instructors, was exactly what every entrepreneur should have. If you are ready to take the leap into running your own business contact the SE Program today." Elaine Allison Positive Presentations Plus Inc.

"The advisors and staff responsible for my training exceeded my expectations at every level. They inspired and motivated me to succeed. This program is essential for anyone wanting to be a successful entrepreneur."  Annika Polegato  Creative Corporate Events

"The program was indispensable to me as I began my small business. In particular, the business plan development classes, the personal assistance, the emotional support inherent in the program by participating with other entrepreneurs, and the financial support from Human Resources Development Canada were all vital to the success of my business venture."  Sarah Spafford Ricci  Fraser / Spafford Ricci Art & Archival Conservation Inc.

"Taking the Self-Employment Program has changed the course of my life for the better and I am very happy and excited with the way it is all going. Thank you so much for your inspiring words, encouragement and ongoing support. You are all great!!"  Gill McCulloch  Safe & Sound First Aid Training

"I just wanted to tell you what a great program you have. I have learned so much in these past few months. My confidence in our business and in myself has soared."  Laura Gullickson SLG Consulting

"I knew for a long time that I wanted my own retail magazine store, but I didn't know how to get started. Becoming involved in the Self-Employment Program was the catalyst I needed to begin my journey on the road to Self-Employment. Thanks, so much!"  Lynn Chickloski Word Up News

"I knew my dream, but I didn't know how to get there. The Self-Employment Program provided the resources, support and clear instruction to make success possible. It was truly the toolbox I needed to construct my dreams into reality. Thanks again!"  Sabrina Hartmann Just Ducky! The real cool kids store.

"The Self-Employment Program gave me the blueprint for success as an entrepreneur. I personally recommend it to everyone who wants to work for themselves - I've even convinced my husband to enrol!"  Barb Harris B.H. Boots'N'Stuff

"We had a dream: our own business! The Self-Employment Program helped us create our business plan, marketing strategy and long-term goals. With their assistance and encouragement, we forged ahead and are looking forward to a bright future."  Kay & Andrea Doerksen Con$ign-It

"The Self-Employment Program provided me with the information and guidance needed to create a solid business plan. I am truly grateful to have participated in this course."  Rolf Schwuchow The Deli Station


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