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Service Team Development

Effective Communication for the Workplace (3 Hours)

Effective Communication for the WorkplaceCommunication skills are the foundation of all we do. How well we communicate dictates our success in every aspect of business: service, sales, operations, project management, client relations, creativity, innovation and so much more. When we communicate effectively, work is easier, faster and we experience less errors and conflicts. Ineffective communication ultimately hurts the bottom line.

This hands-on communication workshop walks participants through:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • Effective communication strategies;
  • Active listening for understanding;
  • Understanding how communication happens - whether you think about it or not;
  • Overcoming barriers to communication;
  • Expert questioning skills; and
  • Applying effective communications in service, sales and team activities.

Price per on-site group workshop is $1295.00 (up to 18 seats) or $199.00 per person for individuals attending public courses delivered at the college or 3rd party venue.

Service Excellence (3 Hours)

Service ExcellenceCustomer service can make or break your company. Every experience and conversation a customer has with your employee's impacts how they feel and view your organization. Great companies know that by understanding and anticipating their customers’ needs, then exceeding their expectations, is key for any business to succeed and grow. Customers today are not only looking for great quality and great prices, they are also craving a service experience. It has become part of the value proposition for every business today. 

By providing outstanding service, organizations build their brand, create trust, increase their sales, and ultimately turn their customers into clients.

In this dynamic workshop, participants will explore:

  • Understanding customer expectations;
  • Customer touchpoints;
  • Adjusting service styles (blowing up the ‘golden rule’);
  • Customer service attitude assessments; and
  • Exceeding customer expectations: E2

Price per on-site group workshop is $1295.00 (up to 18 seats) or $199.00 per person for individuals attending public courses delivered at the college or 3rd party venue.

Handling Difficult Situations (3 Hours)

Handling Difficult SituationsWe all encounter difficult people and tricky situations at some point in our work lives. Conflicts can occur from a variety of sources: personalities, competition for resources, disagreements on methods or procedures, and many more. Being able to handle difficult situations is useful for both front-line employees and Supervisors, as organizations strive to increase sales and service levels, promote teamwork, and manage ongoing relationships.

This highly participative workshop explores the many elements that can make situations difficult, as well as the tools and strategies to remedy most challenging interactions including:

  • Managing expectations;
  • Different personality types - including yours!
  • Response “ability” – your ability to respond;
  • Different conflict resolution strategies for different situations;
  • Framing disagreements so they don't become arguments; and
  • Thinking on your feet for creative solutions.

Price per on-site group workshop is $1295.00 (up to 18 seats) or $199.00 per person for individuals attending public courses delivered at the college or 3rd party venue.

Beyond Client Satisfaction (4 Hours)

Beyond Client SatisfactionDesigned specifically for experienced service and sales teams, this highly interactive workshop dives deeper into delivering exemplary service to build relationships and transform customers into long-term clients. When organizations create ‘raving fans’ of their brand, they experience all the benefits of increased sales, frequency, and increased referrals from their growing client base.

This expert-level workshop walks participants through:

  • The dollars and sense of client loyalty;
  • Successfully manage relationships with different personality types;
  • Building trust & loyalty;
  • Achieve trusted advisor status in the eyes of your clients;
  • Mapping the client journey;
  • Managing client expectations; and
  • Establishing incredible value.

Price per on-site group workshop is $1595.00 (up to 18 seats) or $199.00 per person for individuals attending public courses delivered at the college or 3rd party venue.

Creating Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces 
(2.5 hours)

Creating Respectful and Inclusive WorkplacesBullying and harassment in the workplace can take many forms including verbal aggression, personal attacks, and other intimidating or humiliating behaviours. When individuals feel that they cannot be themselves at work, or are the target of bullying behaviours, they do not engage fully as part of the team. If workplace bullying and harassment is not addressed, it can lead to lost productivity, elevated stress and anxiety, depression, high absenteeism and increased turnover.

Even though WorkSafeBC's new occupation health and safety policies help define workplace bullying and harassment, and explain the duties of employers, supervisors and workers, diversity and inclusion is a complex topic and employees may need more exploration to examine their own views and discuss strategies to overcome bullying and harassment as a team. 

This important workshop, allows employees to gain clarity around workplace bullying and harassment issues including:

  • Exploring workplace attitudes & behaviours;
  • The effects of bullying and harassment;
  • How we respond to negative behaviours;
  • What bullying ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’;
  • *Workplace behaviour policy; and
  • **Courageous Conversations.

* Existing workplace bully and harassment policies for the organization will be incorporated into this workshop.

** Workshop participants will also be encouraged to role-play ‘real-life’ scenarios from their workplace.

Call for Pricing Details.

SuperHost™ Foundations of Service Quality 

(6 – 7 hours)

SuperHost Foundations of Service QualityNo matter what sector your business is in, customer service matters. A bad customer encounter will end up on social media and hurt your bottom line – likewise, people will remember a positive experience, bringing them back as customers and boosting your brand through word of mouth and high ratings. 

Foundations of Service Quality is a practical introduction to basic customer service skills, including:

  • Communication etiquette and best practices
  • Business case and return on investment (ROI)
  • Teamwork, service recovery and problem-solving

These skills continue to be among the top skills required in most workplaces.

Ways SuperHost helps your business:
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and create brand loyalty;
  • Increase employees’ confidence and skills;
  • Support your staff’s professional development;
  • Create a happier, more harmonious workplace; and
  • Increase net promoter score and boost your bottom line.

Foundations of Service Quality includes fun, interactive activities for students to practice scenarios and gain ideas and skills that they can apply to their job right away.

Call for Pricing Details.

Some BC employers may have access to funding through the B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG) which supports skills training to address provincial labour market needs. The program is delivered by the Province of British Columbia and is funded by the Government of Canada through the Workforce Development Agreement (WDA).  For more information on the Grant and to check eligibility...
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