Sales Management Training Stream

Developed for new and experienced Sales Managers as well as Sales Representatives looking to move up.

This practical program provides effective strategies to help Sales Managers achieve their targets through improved processes and people management.

Modules Include:

Sales Department Organization (CRM, Structure and Sales Process)

Sales Recruiting (Strategies, Interviewing Techniques, Assessments)

Sales Training (Onboarding, Methodology, Standardized Training Systems, Product and Process Knowledge)

Managing a Sales Team (Goal Setting, Effective Sales Meetings, Setting Expectations, Incentives)

Sales Coaching (Motivation Techniques, Coaching Skills Development, Performance Measurement)


This highly-focused training series is designed to be delivered over 4 full days for a total cost of $1,295 per person.

Program modules can also be delivered as standalone workshops or as part of a customized training program. Contact Douglas College for pricing. 




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