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TOWES - The testing tool for Essential Skills

A major objective of the Essential Skills initiative is to develop methods of assessing competency levels in the core skills.

TOWES, Test of Workplace Essential Skills, evaluates abilities and competencies in three of the primary skills:

  1. Reading
  2. Document use
  3. Numeracy

TOWES provides a useful measure of adult skills based on actual competency levels not on education or credentials.

For employers, it's a great tool to help you assess staff training needs and hiring standards. For counselors, teachers and HR professionals, it's the recognized Essential Skills assessment tool to use with clients.

TOWES exams through Douglas College

We offer the latest editions of the TOWES exam. Tests can be administered at your workplace, agency office or other convenient sites.

We can also provide key support services to help you administer and evaluate the test to help you make the right training and upgrading decisions for your employees.

Our materials and services include:

  • TOWES test booklets
  • TOWES debriefing and evaluation support

For more information contact:

604-777-6152 or 604-777-6055 

 TOWES Website