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Greece Field School

The 2019 Greece Field School was a great success!  See some of the sites the group visited.

Molyvos Castle on the island of Lesvos

Byzantine walls in Thessaloniki

Zeitenlik, Allied military cemetery and World War I memorial park in Thessaloniki

On top of Mount Lepetimnos on the island of Lesvos

At the Temple of Poseidon, south of Athens

Students spent the first three weeks of May studying at SFU Burnaby followed by four weeks in Athens, on the island of Lesvos, and Thessaloniki.

The program comprised of three courses taught by field school director and SFU Hellenic Studies professor Dimitris Krallis, and Douglas College History instructor Julian Brooks: 

HIST 2205: The History of Greek Civilization* (3 credits)
- an online survey of Greek civilization, Mycaenean Greece to the 20th century
*SFU's course HS 277-3: History of Greek Civilization

HIST 2220: War and Society** (3 credits)
 - examines some of the key issues in the history of war and society. After reviewing a variety of scholarly approaches to defining war, the course investigates the role of violence in human nature, the evolution of warfare resulting from technological innovations and cultural change, and the complex relationships between war, culture, and society.
**SFU's course HS 216-3: War and Society

HIST 3391:  Selected Topics in Ancient History*** (3 credits)
- studies issues related to Hellenic Studies
***SFU's course HS 307-4: Selected Topics in Hellenic Studies

Information for the 2020 Greece Field School will be available soon!  Please let us know if you'd like to be put on the notification list.

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