Greece Field School

To comply with the Government of Canada’s advisory on avoiding non-essential travel outside Canada, all 2020 Field Schools have been cancelled/suspended until further notice. If you’d like to be on our contact list for information on our 2021 Field Schools, please email


Douglas College has again teamed up with SFU's Hellenic Studies Program to offer a field school to Greece in Summer 2020!

Spend 3 weeks studying at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby campus before travelling to Greece to spend 3 days in the capital Athens, 3.5 weeks on the island of Lesvos, and finally, 3 days in Thessaloniki.

See the Acropolis, Byzantine and Ottoman Imperial ruins, the White Tower of Thessaloniki, and more!

Plus, earn 9 university-transferable credits in only 7 weeks!


HIST 2205: The History of Greek Civilization* (3 credits) - an online survey of Greek civilization, Mycaenean Greece to the 20th century *SFU's course HS 277-3: History of Greek Civilization 

HIST 2220: War and Society** (3 credits)  - examines some of the key issues in the history of war and society. After reviewing a variety of scholarly approaches to defining war, the course investigates the role of violence in human nature, the evolution of warfare resulting from technological innovations and cultural change, and the complex relationships between war, culture, and society. **SFU's course HS 216-3: War and Society HIST 3391:  Selected Topics in Ancient History*** (3 credits) - studies issues related to Hellenic Studies ***SFU's course HS 307-4: Selected Topics in Hellenic Studies

Information Sessions

New Westminster Campus

Thursday, January 16 1:00 - 2:00 pm Room S1711

Coquitlam Campus

Friday, January 17 3:30 - 4:30 pm Room B2010


Program Information

Please visit the Greece Field School webpage on the SFU website.


Program Application

  • Application is administered through the SFU Study Abroad System
  • Douglas College students must apply to SFU for admission as a Visiting Student, and for admission to the field school program
  • Visit here for application information
  • Application deadline for both admission as a Visiting Student and the field school:  Friday, January 31


International Programs Scholarships

Douglas College students may be eligible for a $750 to $2,500 award/scholarship!

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Contact Us

Julian Brooks, History Faculty 604-527-5210 Room N3315, New Westminster Campus

Karen Ng, Global Engagement 604-527-5844 Room S2805, New Westminster Campus