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Course feedback FAQs

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Why does Douglas College have a course feedback process?

One of the College’s goals is to deliver an Enriched Educational Experience to its students. The College implemented a course feedback system as one of the ways students can tell their instructors about their experiences. The instructors can use that feedback to inform potential improvements to their courses.

Why should I complete my course feedback forms?

Instructors can use course feedback from students to reflect on what is and isn’t working in their courses, and to make improvements for future offerings of the course.

How is the course feedback process administered?

The course feedback process will be administered online. Students will receive an email invitation indicating that course feedback is now open for their course(s). Simply click on the link in the email to login to your course feedback dashboard. Enter your Douglas College CNA login credentials (i.e., username and password) to login to your dashboard. Once in your dashboard, click on one of your listed courses to open up the course feedback form.

As of the Winter 2019 semester, students can also access their course feedback forms via Blackboard; you can find them under the My Online Courses page. Students will be able to access their feedback forms through Blackboard during the same period of time noted in the email invitation they receive.

Can I use my tablet or mobile device to complete my course feedback form(s)?

Yes, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

When can I access my course feedback form(s)?

For full semester duration courses (e.g., 4 months long), students will receive an email invitation to complete their course feedback form(s) about two weeks before the end of classes. For compressed or short duration courses, students will receive an email invitation one week before classes end. Because student feedback is important to us, two email reminders will be sent during the evaluation period to students who have not completed all their course feedback forms.

How long does it take to complete a course feedback form?

On average, it takes students approximately 3-5 minutes to complete a course feedback form.

What should I do if I don’t see all of my courses listed in my course feedback dashboard?

Not all courses are included in the course feedback system. For example, some instructional formats and courses with very small enrolments (e.g., directed studies) are excluded from evaluation. Your instructor can confirm if you should receive a course feedback form for your course. If they confirm that the course is included in the course feedback system, but you have not received an invitation to complete it, then send a request for technical assistance via email to Please identify your course name and section number in the subject line of the email.

Can instructors trace course feedback responses back to me?

No, your course feedback ratings are aggregated with ratings collected from other students in reports produced for instructors; however, the open-ended question is not redacted for any personally identifiable comments you may choose to make. Students are expected to provide courteous, respectful and constructive feedback.

Can instructors see feedback for their courses prior to submitting final grades?

No, course feedback reports are not released to instructors until after the grade submission deadline for the semester.

Can I change my responses after submitting them?

No, you can only complete and submit each course feedback form once and you cannot change your responses after submission. However, if you realize you’ve made an error in completing the form, e.g., provided responses for another course on one your feedback forms, please contact the Institutional Research Office immediately for assistance at

The deadline to complete my course feedback form has passed. Can I still submit my responses?

No, you can only complete and submit a course feedback form until the posted deadline. For courses greater than two weeks in duration, collection of course feedback ends the last day of classes, i.e., before final exams.

Do all course feedback forms contain the same questions?

All course feedback forms will include a core set of 13 questions: nine that use a rating scale, three are demographic and one open-ended question. Faculty can add up to 13 additional questions to obtain feedback about other aspects specific to their courses.

Are any questions on the course feedback form asking me to evaluate my instructor?

No, the questions on Douglas’ course feedback form focus on the course as a structured learning experience rather than on instructors’ teaching abilities. You may receive other questionnaires to provide instructional feedback. Those questionnaires are administered through different processes.