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Erica Bennett

Position: Instructor
Department: Sport Science
Faculty: Science and Technology
Office #: N1332/A3145
Office Phone: 604-777-6672

Education and Qualifications

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, School of Kinesiology and Faculty of Medicine (BC Children’s Hospital), The University of British Columbia (2017-2018)
PhD, Kinesiology (Sport and Exercise Psychology), The University of British Columbia (2017)
MA, Kinesiology (Sport and Exercise Psychology), The University of British Columbia (2011)
BA, Psychology, The University of British Columbia (2008)

Teaching Areas

I teach predominantly in the areas of the sociocultural aspects of sport, exercise, and health, as well as in sport and exercise psychology. Throughout the 2018/2019 academic year, I am teaching SPSC 1105, SPSC 1195, SPSC 2205, and SPSC 2252.

Scholarly and Professional Interests

In my research and teaching, I aim to develop understanding of the role that social and cultural processes in physical activity contexts play in shaping body-related cognitions, emotions, and behaviours across the lifespan. I am currently conducting research on older men diverse in sexual orientation and ethnocultural background’s body image, as well as on the physical activity experiences of children who have congenital heart disease. Alongside my academic involvement, I have background as a golf professional and coach, as well as continued involvement with mental health initiatives in BC’s LGTBQ2S+ community.

Awards and Honours

2017 Young Scientist Award (YSA) - Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology

Selected Publications

Wilson, D., Bennett, E.V., Mosewich, A. D., Faulkner, G., & Crocker, P. R. E (In press). Exploring elite women athletes’ lived experiences of self-compassion and mental toughness. Psychology of Sport and Exercise. 

Bennett, E.V., Hurd Clarke, L., Wolfe, S., Dunlop, W.L., Harden, S.M., Liu, Y., Estabrooks, P. A., Rhodes, R.E., & Beauchamp, M. (2018). Older adults’ experiences of group-based physical activity: A qualitative study from the ‘GOAL’ randomized controlled trial. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 39, 184-192.

Hurd Clarke, L., Currie, L., & Bennett, E. V. (2018). “I don’t want to be, feel old”: Older Canadian men’s perceptions and experiences of physical activity. Ageing and Society, S0144686X18000788

McEwen, C., Hurd Clarke, L., Bennett, E., Dawson, K., & Crocker, P.R.E. (2018). It’s this thing of being an Olympian that you don’t get from anything else: Changing experiences of Canadian individual sport athletes with Olympic team selection. The Sport Psychologist, 32(2), 81-92.

Bennett, E.V., Hurd Clarke, L., Kowalski, K. C., & Crocker, P. R. E. (2017). From pleasure and pride to the fear of decline: Exploring the emotions in older women’s physical activity narratives. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 33, 113-122.

Bennett, E.V., Hurd Clarke, L., Kowalski, K.C., & Crocker, P.R.E. (2017). “I’ll do anything to maintain my health”: How women aged 65 to 94 perceive, experience, and cope with their aging bodies. Body Image, 21, 71-80.

Tamminen, K.A., & Bennett, E.V. (2017). No emotion is an island: An overview of theoretical perspectives and narrative research on emotions in sport and physical activity. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health, 9(2), 183-199.

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