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Brian Storey

Position: Instructor, Coordinator - Graduate Diploma in Physical Education 
Department: Sport Science
Faculty: Science and Technology
Office #: NW N1334
Office Phone: (604) 527-5512, Fax (604) 527-5032


Ph.D, Curriculum Theory and Implementation, Simon Fraser University, (2012)

M.A., Educational Counseling and Psychology and Special Education, University of BC (2001)

B.Ed., Elementary Education, University of BC (1999)

B.H.K., Leisure and Sport Management Option, University of BC (1995)



My teaching foci include applied leadership, physical and health education curriculum and pedagogy, and sport and health psychology. The majority of my teaching is in the Graduate Diploma in Physical and Health Education.


  • SPSC 2231, Sport and exercise psychology
  • SPSC 3240, Leadership in physical education and coaching
  • SPSC 4291, Issues in curriculum and planning of physical education and coaching
  • SPSC 5492, Physical and health education leadership seminar
  • SPSC 5493, Physical Literacy II: dynamic systems
  • SPSC 5495, Applied studies in physical education (action research)
  • SPSC 5499, Curriculum issues: physical and health education


2016 - 2018, President, Physical and Health Education Canada
2013 - 2016, Board Member, Physical and Health Education Canada
2011 - 2015, Chair, Faculty Education Council, Faculty of Science and Technology, Douglas College.
2007 - 2016, Chair, Sport Science Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Douglas College 
2010 - present, Reviewer for
European Physical Education Review (Sage) 
2009 - present, Reviewer for
Physical Education Nexus (PHENEX) Journal
2008 - 2012, Board member,
Critical Thinking Consortium


1999 - present, Certified K-12 Teacher, BC College of Teachers
2009 - present, NCCP Competition Development, Learning Facilitator


AWARDS AND HONOURS (Douglas College)

2013, 2014, 2016 Douglas College: Educational impact recognition

2012  Douglas College President’s Distinguished Excellence Award

2006 & 2007  Douglas College: Program Innovation Award 

2006 Douglas College: Team Excellence Award – Sport Science Department



Butler, J., Storey, B. & Robson, C. (2012): Emergent learning focused teachers and their ecological complexity worldview, Sport, Education and Society, Downloadable at:

Storey, B. & Butler, J. (December, 2012). Complexity thinking in PE: games centred approaches, games as complex adaptive systems, and ecological values. Journal of physical education and sport pedagogy.

Storey, B. & Butler, J. (2010). Ecological thinking and TGfU: Understanding games as complex adaptive systems. In L. Griffin & J. Butler (Eds.), Teaching Games for Understanding (2nd edition). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Inc.

Hopper, T., Butler, J. & Storey, B. (eds). (2009). Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU): simply good pedagogy. Ottawa, ON: Physical and Health Education Canada.

Storey, B. & Lunn, E. (2009). Learning to teach games for understanding and instructional skills through teaching homelearners. Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU): simply good pedagogy. Ottawa, ON: Physical and Health Education Canada.