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Useful Sites

Fundamental Physical Constants Physics Tutorials: University of Guelph  
The Internet Pilot to Physics - links to a very large number of physics sites 
Physics News - PHYSICS.ORG


Just For Interest

NASA Homepage - a good source of astronomy information and images
NASA's picture of the day archive - especially dramatic

Home pages of some of the World's Largest Particle Accelerators:

  • TRIUMF, TRI-University Meson Facility, located at UBC.
  • SLAC, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, located near San Francisco, California.
  • CERN, located in Switzerland (CERN was also the birthplace of the world wide web).
  • Fermilab
  • Jefferson Laboratory
Neutrino Observatories:
  • SNO - the Solar Neutrino Observatory located in Sudbury, Ontario.
  • KAMIOKA, featuring the two projects KAMIOKANDE and Super-KAMIOKANDE.

Gravity Related Subjects - a non-technical library of black holes, superstrings, hot big bang theory, etc.

More About Physics