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Math scares me. Can you help someone like me?

We love students like you. All our instructors are teachers (very patient too!) and offer small classes so you can have lots of contact with fellow students and your instructor.

I don't have Principles of Math 11 (or Foundations 11) and a course I want to take has it as a prerequisite. What should I do?

We offer math courses with the grade 11 equivalence so you can enter your course. We will help you decide which Math 11 course is right for you. MATU 0410 and MATU 0411 meet the requirements for all Douglas College programs and courses.

I don't really need math for my program but I don't get fractions and I want to help my kids with their homework. Would upgrading be helpful for me?

You are not alone. Our MATU 0210 course works with students who want to get better with fractions. You would be part of a class where many students probably feel the same way. 

I want to take the nursing program and I need to take PSYC2300. Which course should I take to get ready for this course?

The MATU 0410 course prepares students for PSYC2300. After you've done our assessment, you will know if it is a one semester preparation or more. 

I took Math 11 in high school 10 years ago. Do I need upgrading?

No matter how well you did in high school, ten years is a long time. Come and do our assessment (no charge) and see where we recommend you start your studies.

Can you tell me more about writing a math assessment?

Our assessment is not a test. It is a chance for you to show us what you've remembered and what course you are ready for. You will write either an arithmetic or an algebra assessment which takes about 45 minutes. When you've completed the assessment one of our instructors will mark it and meet with you to talk about it.

Your assessment and your interview will help us place you correctly in one of our courses. You will also have a chance to talk with the instructor about any specific math questions you may have. For more information see our assessment page. 

I want to take a Douglas College business course and it says I need Math 11. Can I get it from the math upgrading dept?

Yes, MATU 0410 satisfies the Math 11 prerequisite for courses in the Business Department. If you need Math 11 for other purposes, MATU 0411 satisfies this requirement.

Can I take other college courses without math prerequisites at the same time I upgrade my math?

As long as you meet any prerequisite for other courses, you can enrol in them. All our courses are scheduled on the college matrix so that you can plan a course schedule.

Can I transfer to other institutions with Douglas College MATU courses?

Our courses are provincially articulated and you can move between institutions with no problems.