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Free Workshops


Stay tuned for up coming events in 2019/20!



Past Events:

From Paper to Nature: Novemeber 15, 2018

Brighten up your day with a free workshop on seed paper making. You can grow your own beautiful flower bed or gift them to a friend!


Birds of Winter: October 18, 2018

Did you know that some birds stay here for our Canadian winters? Hosted by the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College, in this workshop, we will have a short talk about the different types of birds that live with us during the winter. After which, participants may make suet-type birdfeeders to take home. Join us in Room C1008 and help make things a little easier for our Feathery Friends! 


Aboriginal Culture; Herbal Teas and Sweet Grass: September 20, 2018

Celebrate Aboriginal culture at the Sol Garden! In this hands-on workshop, learn how to use native plants to make traditional herbal teas and sweet grass smudge braids with our guest speakers, renowned Aboriginal herbalist, Lori Snyder and Douglas College alumni and cultural expert, Rae-Anne LeBrun. This is a FREE workshop and everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.


A Walk to Remember - Hoy Creek Salmon Hatchery Tour: July 19, 2018

Join IUE – the Institute of Urban Ecology - at Hoy Scott Watershed Society for a casual and interactive tour of their salmon hatchery. Observe and admire the beautiful salmon and hatchlings in the creek! Conclude the tour with a wonderful walk down Hoy Creek Trail.

This event is family friendly, so everyone is welcome!


Celebrate the Solstice! June 21, 2018

Join IUE- the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College in the Sol Garden- at a free workshop where you'll learn about the ecology of native BC plants and their indigenous uses by Aboriginal peoples.  This workshop will feature our guest speaker, Lori Snyder, a renowned Aboriginal herbalist.  We will also be celebrating National Aboriginal Day 2018!

This event is family friendly, so everyone is welcome!


How to Make Bee Water: March 8, 2017

While bees are busy pollinating our flowers we often forget they need to stay hydrated. A great way to ensure the bees working in your garden stay hydrated is to create a bee waterer.

bee water

What you need:

  • Pie tin

  • Marbles

  • Water

Put the marbles and water in the tin and voila you have a safe space for your bees drink.

Seed Paper Workshop: March 6, 2017

Are you looking for a creative way to recycle paper? Then the seed paper making workshop is for you. Seed paper is a great gift idea or activity to do with friends and family. During this workshop you will learn how to re-purpose paper in a brand new and sustainable way. The waste paper you have accumulated will be used to create new paper with embedded seeds. The possibilities are endless: you can create bookmarks, cards, posters, notepads and much more. Once you are finished with your creation, go ahead and plant it and watch it grow!


Winding Down for the Summer: August 15, 2016

It's that time of year again; UNIBUG is transitioning from our busy, active summer to a busy, active fall. For a few weeks, we'll be pretty quiet with someone in the office only sporadically. Call or e-mail ahead if you need to get in contact. We really appreciate your patience; we'll be back in September to tell you more about native and local pollinators, beneficial insects, and the joys of gardens.

Sol garden