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TESL Summative Evaluation 1

View the Summative Evaluation Criteria Explanation (PDF).

Summative Evaluation 1 for sponsor teacher

Use this property to display a short description or any instructions, notes, or guidelines that the visitor should read when filling out the form. This will appear directly below the form name.
Professional Conduct
Respectful of Ss
Reliable with commitments
Professional appearance
Thorough knowledge of materials
Verbal delivery
Use of vocal pace and tone
Modelling of correct english
Clear pronunciation
Voice projection
Use of segues
Minimum teacher talk
Simplification of teacher talk
Student involvement/classroom management
Generation of interest/enthusiasm
Pace/flow of lesson
Clear feedback, including help
Positive reinforcement
Balanced participation
Monitoring/use of teaching space
Error correction
Keeps Ss on task/deals with unexpected problems
Lesson planning and delivery; use of resources
Use of elicitation/questions
Quality of instructions
Student centered activities
Time management
Creation/adaption of material
Effective visual aids
Flexibility/planning on the fly
Level appropriacy