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Is STSU right for you?


My name is Lindsay Bacala and I'm now a university student. Three years ago, I was a first year student at Douglas. Since you'll be a new student at Douglas, I want to tell you about a course I took in my first semester at Douglas that has made a big difference for me. 

It's called Student Success 1100 and it was one the best classes I could have chosen for my first semester at college.  Before I started at Douglas, I was really nervous because I had been out of school for a couple years and I wasn't confident in my skills. I was worried I wouldn't do well. 

I learned better ways to study -- which were so important because I was taking full-time classes and working full-time. The time management skills taught in the course helped me study more efficiently, the various note-taking methods I learned were also easy to apply to the different types of classes I was taking. 

I also learned really effective test-taking strategies for all of the different types of tests and exams that I had to take throughout my two years at Douglas.

The biggest worry I had before starting my education after high school was about how to write a college paper. I had never written any kind of research paper before, so I really had no idea what to do. Student Success 1100 gave me step-by-step instructions in how to research and write a college-level paper.

I learned all of the main skills to succeed at Douglas College but I also got some really valuable information on how to maintain a good GPA and transfer my classes to university. Now as I make friends and work alongside other students, I notice how they struggle with some of the basics I learned in Student Success 1100.

If you would like more information on Student Success 1100, you should email the department coordinator (who was also my instructor), Jillian Hull, at Her office phone number is (604) 527 5407. 

Best wishes,
Lindsay Bacala