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Step Up Project

Get hands-on, real-world experience through the Student Teams Exploring Pervasive Urban Problems (STEP UP) project. Through STEP UP, you’ll practice teamwork skills and apply the knowledge you gain in class as you explore the unique challenges of urban environments. You’ll hit the streets and gather data about problems such as traffic congestion, homelessness and crime, and then present your findings to city councils, business organizations and community groups, or publish them in papers, proposals and recommendations.

Participating courses

The STEP UP project has been incorporated into the curriculum of the following courses. Register for the course(s) to participate.

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • CRIM 3385-001 Community Crime Prevention (CRN 34439), W 15:30-18:20 (New West)
  • GEOG 1150-001 Geographies of Metro Vancouver (CRN 35559), F 12:30-15:20 (New West)
  • HIST 1105-050 Global Issues in Historical Perspective (CRN 34557), Tu 18:30-21:20 (New West)
  • PSYC2207-001 Introduction to Educational Psychology (CRN 33616), Tu 11:30-14:20 (New West)

Language, Literature and Performing Arts

Designated sections of ENGL 1130 Academic Writing

  • 033 (CRN 34575), T/TH 10:30-12:20 (New West)
  • 034 (CRN 34721), T/TH 12:30-1:20 (New West)
  • 027 (CRN 33498), F 8:30-11:20 (New West)
  • 028 (CRN 33503), F 8:30-11:20 (New West)
  • 029 (CRN 34068), F 12:30-15:20 (New West)
  • 030 (CRN 34554), F 12:30-15:20 (New West)

How do I register?

STEP UP participating courses are all open enrolment. Register for any of the above courses through myAccount during your assigned registration period.

For more information about the STEP UP project, contact the individual course instructors.