Bachelor of Performing Arts

UPCOMING AUDITION DATES: January 17, February 18.

** Please note that it takes time for us to review applications and transcripts to assess your eligibility for auditions.  It is advised that you apply to the program by Feb 3 to allow enough time to be considered for the Feb 18th Auditions. **


Bachelor of Performing Arts: Degree Completion Program (Fourth Year). 

This degree is conferred by Capilano University, and Douglas College. 


The program is currently being hosted at Douglas College.

The Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) program is unique in Canada. Nowhere else in the country have two academic arts institutions partnered to offer a cross-disciplinary performing arts degree that has, at its heart, a commitment to collaboration and self-generation – elements which are crucial to young artists’ future success.

The program’s primary objective is real-world training. It is ideal for those who want to practice as a professional performing artist, arts manager, administrator or cultural entrepreneur, or those who wish to continue on to graduate studies in the performing arts. The program offers students the unique opportunity to create original multi-disciplinary shows while developing the entrepreneurial skills necessary to make a self-directed performing arts career feasible.

The BPA is designed to address a gap in most performing arts education: serious consideration of how students will develop the means to put their training to use once they graduate. There are many ways to do so, and most require the ability to create one’s own opportunities, often in collaboration with peers. Culture is always changing, and BPA graduates will be encouraged to define the nature of that change.

The program runs May – January, with classes during the summer and fall semesters, and the capstone Interdisciplinary Production (project) each January. If you have a specific question about the program, you can contact us via email or call 604.527.5495

If you are applying to the BPA program from an institute outside the two host institutions, please apply as early as possible in order to confirm your eligibility prior to the audition date.

For information about admission requirements, courses, and to apply, visit the Program and Course Catalogue.

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